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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Wonderful Women Blog Hop - magical moments with Mum

Although only a few people take part each week on the Wonderful Women blog hop, I am sticking with it as the blog posts that do come in are so powerful and interesting. They really celebrate women in all their diversity and fabulousness.

It is Mother's Day on Sunday so I am hoping this will inspire some bloggers to blog about their Mums and to link up. Perhaps the most Wonderful Women in the world are Mums.

I have spoken about my late Mum on this blog before so this week, I am just going to recall magical moments with my Mum.

1. Crunching through Autumn leaves together and enjoying all those oranges, reds and golds.

2. Doing the "slosh" together at the Parochial Hall

3. Making an Easter Bonnet together with big white paper flowers

4. Being caught dancing wildly by someone we thought was posh

5. Playing together with various family cats and dogs

6. Gardening in my first home with her - fuschias and busy lizzies.

7. Playing with my Sooty and Sweep puppets

8. Baking butterfly buns

9. Mixing the Christmas Cake mix and making a wish

10. Summer School Fairs looking round the stalls and Mum serving behind the bar

11. Paddling and dodging the waves

12. Sleeping in her bed when I was poorly. She snored!

13. Going shopping with her and Auntie Margaret

14. Having afternoon tea at the posh department store Lewis' in Leeds

15. Her finding out my periods has started and ordering a cake to celebrate me "becoming a woman"

16. Her always telling me that boys fancied me (when I was never quite convinced on that one)

17. Her feeling sorry for a big pregnant and knackered woman passing her house and then realising it was me!

18. Her constant and intense love for my first son who she looked after so I could go back to work

19. Her keeping out of our wedding plans despite a nature that would have liked to have taken over.

20. Our wedding day when she said, "You look beautiful" and then followed it up because things can never be 100 per cent perfect with "I am amazed!"

Love you Mum.

Now let's hear about your Mums. Write a blog post or link up one from your archives.

1 comment:

  1. My first mothers day without my mum. Memroies are so precious aren't they? x