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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What Wales means to me

It is St David's Day and here are a few things I love about Wales.

1. The Gower Peninsula with its lovely sandy beaches and away from it all feeling.

2. Abersoch and Tenby bringing childhood memories of holidays.

3. Mountain scenery - I love all mountains.

4. A sense of being abroad and somewhere very different without having to travel far or pay out mega amounts of cash.

5. Swansea which I think just looks so well-planned and wonderful.

6. Cardiff, Tiger Bay, modern developments and all that.

7. Loving spoons if anyone would like to send me one or more.

8. Welsh Lamb - see lovely recipes with lamb below. Lamb is my very favourite red meat.

9. Daffodils - good to see the daffodils showing up as the sequel to snowdrops. Affordable blast of Springtime colours.

10. Mumbles Pier - proper seaside fun of the old-fashioned variety and memories of my son seeing his first lifeboat.

These are just random thoughts about Wales. I could go on and on especially about the loveliness of the South Wales area.

I have a friend who lives in Wales and will be stopping there as she is a nun in an enclosed silent order. So Wales is somewhere I can always retreat to when I need to and stay in the monastery bungalow. It has restored me after a relationship breakdown, after post-natal depression and I am sure will serve me well again when the next crisis hits.

Happy St David's Day!

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