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Thursday, 10 March 2011

My blog post from 1981

I am now fully settled in school. My form teacher Miss B is extremely nice and very kind.

Patch, our new dog is good. He is mainly white with a brown face and two brown spots.

I now hate Adam and the Ants and like Shakin Stevens. I am going to write to his fan club.

My favourite subject is English. We choose a new word from the dictionary at each lesson. I hope you are not being pontifical? Have you a posthumous book? I don't suppose you know what these words mean?

I hope you are not all boozing too often. I also hope you are not sleeping in.

At school we are doing Badminton. I really enjoy it. I hope our P E teahcer forms a Badminton Club. At school we are planning an Autumn Fayre.

Mr C gave me nearly 21b of blackberries for the jam that the cookery teachers are making for the Homemade Preserves stall.

Time to write to my penpal now.

I will write again soon.

So dear readers, what do you think I felt about Miss B when I left school?

What happened to Patch?

Do I still like Shakin Stevens?

What do you think to that early interest in words?

Did I go on to booze and sleep in myself?

Who was Mr C and why was it a surprise for me to take his blackberries?

This is a genuine letter from me aged around 12 years old.

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