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Friday, 11 March 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Here are my reasons for being cheerful this week.

1. Annie Lennox did a great job in promoting International Women's Day in the media. Listening to her reminded me how much I care about women and how very many things still need to change. To do something in a tiny way, I started my very first meme, linky-up or whatever they actually call these things (someone tell me in a comment pretty please!)based on Wonderful Women. I am disappointed at the low participation rate so far but also cheerful to read profiles of such wonderful women and individuals.

2. All three of my children have had special achievements this week. My oldest son generated the word "wow" from his teachers on Parent's Evening. He is very gifted and now has mathematic results that would be expected for someone many years older than he actually is. My other son and my daughter both got skipping certificates so I have three very smiley children.

3. My husband is still with me despite a difficult week for him where I have ranted a great deal about the plight of women in the world.

4. My puppies are getting stronger every day and we are already getting enquiries from people offering homes for them.

5. I have learned new housework tips thanks to a Twitter discussion on Spring Cleaning. I now know where to buy sugar soap and empty spray bottles.

6. It seems Spring has sprung so I am enjoying the great outdoors more. Even when putting the bins out, I was cheery as I glimpsed blue sky in the shape of a tiny heart even though the day was cloudy. Then, I looked down and saw new plant shoots. All good life-affirming stuff. In fact, I think Reasons to be Cheerful is like that patch of blue sky. In the grand scheme of things, it is a tiny initiative and yet it puts smiles on so many faces every week even when our lives are feeling a little dull and overcast.

If you want me to have a really good reason to be cheerful next week, why not join in my Wonderful Women linky up. All you have to do is let me know in a blog post about a wonderful woman in your world. It can be a short or long post. It can be an old or new post.

Wonderful Women are a reason to be cheerful so here's to all of us.

including those in other countries and I am grateful to be invited to take part in another blog hop


  1. Such fab reasons. i shall keep an eye out for your link up x

  2. Great reasons! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. So glad to discover and follow you.
    Look forward to reading more!


  3. I was going to post an entry for your Women meme but have been so busy. I wrote a blog post about spring cleaning and was going to join in the Twitter party but missed it because i was so busy. sometimes life gets chaotic, doesn't it? glad your children are doing so well.

  4. Those are fab reasons to be cheerful! Well done to your children on their achievements. Your puppies are very cute, I hope you will find them nice homes to go to when they are big enough. I'd love a lab, they are gorgeous and such sweet tempered dogs. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm now following yours :)

  5. OOh my sunday inspiration post this weelk is all about rosa parks..where would I link to your mem?

  6. Another reason to share some grateful spirit around YAY! Thanks so much so stopping by my blog and following. I see you to are approaching 200. YAY for you. Wish I could have been the 200th but 198 will have to do for me :O) Looking forward to reading along and finding out more about your blog. I LOVE the tittle.

  7. I love the cheerful/grateful linky - it's always so cheering... Your Wonderful Women linky sounds great - don't be disappointed by early response rates as these things often take some time to build!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro. :-)

  8. They're some pretty good reasons to be cheerful :)

  9. Love this - well done to your fab kids. Enjoy the Spring as we settle into Autumn. I love the turning seasons - so full of promise!

    Thank you very much for listing my blog hop alongside the Cheerful hop. That means a lot to me that you have linked back. x

  10. Lovely reasons. I agree that there is something about the weather turning warmer that makes life seem so much more cheerful. I suppose at least if the house is a tip (as mine is, every day) then at least you can sit outside!

  11. A fabulous big long list and you do say the nicest things about my linky.

    I tend to think of a meme as a post were to tag peopel to take part, so liek my 1 word meme goign round at the moment. A linky is a weekly thing for people to link up with.

    Will check out your wonderful woman linky. These things take time to grow... be patient.

    Mich x

  12. I am cheerful to have found your blog. Looking forward to reading more and joining your linky x

  13. I'm loving your list of cheerfuls, especiall the one where you husband is still with you after your woman rants! I'll have to think lots about some inspiring women... hmmm, there's too many to limit it to just a few! Hope you're having a great weekend, enjoy the turn of seasons! xx

  14. I know what you mean about spring, it was beautiful yesterday with the sun and blue sky. I spent far too long when I should of been working sat on our patio doorstep watching the frogs in the pomnd laying their frogs spawn and listening to them crock. And then today it is all froggy outside (as my 4 year old calls it!).

  15. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Don't be too disheartened about the linky, I tried one myself a few weeks ago and got no link ups!lol I only have about 20 followers and just started blogging in January and Michelle is right that these things take time to build. Persevere with it and people will start joining in. x

  16. What a lovely long list of reasons to be cheerful/greateful! Annie Lennox is one of my heros. Will check out your Wonderful Women meme this week. Thanks for popping over to Bod for tea earlier :D