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Monday, 7 March 2011

Magpie Monday and this time with pics!

Saturday usually finds me in a charity shop. Last week's booty was disappointing so I was excited and keen to spend, spend, spend. I was keen to find something like containers for tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits and bread. Or something retro and remarkable.

I found it hard to identify anything I wanted. Fortunately, (or not so fortunately depending on your viewpoint), I had my 3 children with me. They attacked the toy shelves with gusto. My daughter determined that every fashionable 6 year old round town needs a white umbrella. I tried to talk her out of it knowing her younger brother would at some point use it as a weapon but as her bottom lip started to quiver, I gave in. My 10 year old son treated some plastic contraption as if he had being looking for it all his life. Once again, despite myself, I capitulated. My 5 year old was quite satisfied with a Pokemon toy that squirts water. Well, I did warn you he likes weapons.

For the first time ever on Magpie Monday, I have some pics for you.

My best pick ups this week were three books that all say something about me.
There is a book on dogs which in a week when we have new puppies in the house seemed like a worthwhile investment. As a blogger, I loved the guide to communication from Reader's Digest. Good for the children too to learn how to speak and write better. I was fascinated by the Pennywise Cookbook published when I was 4 years old. It is full of interesting recipes and guidance that to maintain a healthy diet, you should have butter every day. I was suprised how many foreign recipes were in there from China, Russia and the like. There was even a topical Pancake recipe. The books were on a buy two, get one free offer so cost £3 in total.

The picture also shows previous finds. I am not into ornamental plates but got the dolphin one for a friend's child and then never got round to delivering it. The sleepy child one was irrestible as it looks just like my darling daughter.

The witch was a 50 pence find on Halloween. Even the spooky material was a charity shop find for £2 last October.

This week it did not take long to realise that there was a change in pricing policy at my fave charity shop and for the first time ever, nothing was marked as "held". Normally when I go, all the best bits of furniture and so on are already allocated to some other customer who plans to collect later.

I heard a woman at the counter complaining about the high prices and refusing to buy a raffle ticket as a result. Methinks the manager must monitor this situation carefully or the higher prices may result in a decreased profit overall with customers put off going in there.

Me and My Shadow


  1. I am in full agreement with your daughter on the umbrella front!

    And you must eat butter everyday - what a fantastic rule - I shall stick to it religiously ;0)

    I agree with you on the pricing policies - some shops are just getting ridiculous.

    Lovely to see your pics, and thanks for linking up again xx

  2. I do notice more and more people going into charity shops and I certainly know that I go into them more often! Thought your Pennywise cookbook a brilliant buy!

  3. I love your selection of books, my favourite charity shop has a big "book room" I could spend hours in there.
    Totally agree with you about the pricing policy, charity shops are cottoning on to the rise in interest in old items, its a shame though because it will take all the fun of shopping there and they will loose out in the end when everybody stays away. x

  4. hehe love the bit about your son using the umbrella as a weapon at some point typical boys eh
    As for the pricing it drives me mad all the charity shops in jersey seem to be way overpriced id never get any mega bargains like some of the other magpiemonday posters!
    Great post and nice finds look foward to reading next weeks post if your lucky enough to find some treasuer :)

  5. Great Books! I have to agree about the prices in some of the charity shops we have 4 shops just up the road from were I live and the prices in one of them are way over the top, I really don't know how they manage to sell anything at all.

  6. I do love charity shops. Haven't been to one for ages though. I always end up buying books. My friend has never got over me buying a copy of "The Farmer's Wife" - it was an excellent book lol.

    I'm with missielizzie I shall have to try and eat more butter ;)

  7. Love your finds! And that cookbook looks fab! x

  8. Pennywise is such a great title for a cookbook. I'm loving your thriftiness!

    Ladaisi Blog

  9. Great cookbook - and very timely! Report back on the pancakes ;-)

  10. Well done you. The cookbook is my favourite.