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Friday, 18 March 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Let me see. What do I have to be cheerful about this week?

1. I have spent lots of time this week blog hopping via #Reasons2BCheerful #Reasons2BGrateful and #MagpieMonday. I have discovered some great new reading and some wonderful ladies and even the odd bloke too. I have also seen people start to take part in #WonderfulWomenWednesday which is my own blog hop where I encourage bloggers to celebrate and acknowledge important women in their world. How great to read about real individuals who have overcome adversity, cared for others, fought battles that mattered and often put two fingers up at "society's" view of them. Do check out the stories on this week and last's blog hops. I would love you to take part with either a new post or one from your archives.

2.. Dad came home from his holidays on Saturday. This is great as I spent the whole day making the house spick and span so felt that I had achieved something with my day and that it would be lovely for Dad to return home to. It is great to have his company again which ranges from amused to bemused, from conversational to cumudgeonly. It is nice to bask in the fact that he loves me unconditionally and that I can see him every day of the week.

2. I have coped fairly well with two "jollies" as I call them or "work-related" events that my husband has disappeared on this week. I am an insecure person and although it is very pathetic, I do like it best when we are together as a "us". Him being away gave me time to get on with my own thing and also to get a lovely refreshing early night.

3. I have enjoyed a couple of shopping trips and will reveal all on #MagpieMonday. Suffice to say for now that I am overjoyed with some of my finds. My treasure may very well be your trash but hey, maybe I enjoy being trashy!

4. I have loved seeing just how many people are prepared to put their head above the parapet and do something when they see their fellow human beings suffering. So I salute all the efforts to help Japan and other world disaster zones as well as causes closer to home. If anyone is doing anything and wants a mention on this blog, let me know.

5. My puppies are now over 2 weeks old and doing really well. We are getting enquiries from people offering them a good home and I am busy taking photos for potential new owners. Mum is doing well too although often looks as if she finally gets just how I feel sometimes.

6. My cats are a joy and I love them so much. I am a recent cat convert but I love their independence mixed with their need for the odd cuddle. I think I empathise with cats a lot as I am told I often appear aloof but I know I am desperate for love, .affection and approval.

7. The sunshine is out and I have walked around town today hearing the following ...

"At least the sun has come out ..."
"The sunshine makes a nice change"
"Sun gives you such a massive lift" and so on. It felt like a whole town was coming out in celebration of Spring. The daffodils are out too saying hello and making me feel chirpy.

8. I have had my haddock and chips lunch with Dad today. We talked about blog hopping. Dad at the ripe old age of 83 is fascinated by how blogging and tweeting works. He is sticking to mastering how to send an email yet but has bought a new laptop to ensure he sticks with it. He then told me how when he joined the Navy during World War Two, he was embarrassed when his parents came to visit him at Pwhelli where he was based. It made me think how little actually changes really. My 17 year old Dad was "mortified" that his "mates" might see his parents.

9. My children are all dressed up in red outfits including one spiderman one for Comic Relief. We acquired red noses at the last minute. I will be making funny faces cupcakes with them when they get in from school. Later, we will sit down as a family adn enjoy Comic Relief on the telly. We care, we will donate, we will laugh and I really believe my children will go on to make a positive difference in the world.

10. And finally, I have completed my reasons for cheeriness this week and am going to settle down with a cuppa and a bakewell slice before the children arrive home and chaos recommences.

I love my life!

I love the Reasons to Be Cheerful Blog Hop


  1. I love puppies. And kittens. And baby flying squirrels. My husband is so irritated with me because whenever I find a stray pet and/or see people giving pets away, I immediately want to adopt them.

    Thanks for sharing yours.

    Ladaisi Blog

  2. you weren't kidding about the cute pics..... wow!!!!!
    Now about to scroll back up and read the accompanying text xx

  3. Ah, those puppies are so cute!

  4. Had a good old read and enjoyed every minute. Great reasons to be cheerful. I love the sound of your Dad. Having Aaron has brought my Dad back into my life which is super x

  5. Definitely cute pics...and a lovely cheerful post. Your dad sounds so fab! xxx

  6. Plenty of reasons to be cheerful - and great photos too xxx

  7. Love the pics of the cute puppies. It sounds like you have a lot to be cheerful about at the moment :)

  8. Really cute pictures and some fab reasons to be cheerful!

  9. WOW 10 reasons!! Lucky you, so much cheer and such gorgeous puppies!! Have a great weekend x

  10. Yay for Spring, Red Nose Day and puppies! Lots of lovely reasons to be cheerful, good for you :D

  11. Lots and lots of reasons to be cheerful. I love the fact you have such a great relationship with your Dad! The mix of generations is great and everyone benefits. Love your pictures too.

  12. You are such a sweetie! Those puppies look adorable and it sounds like you had a great lunch with your Dad.

    Have a fab week. Mich x

  13. everything & everyone in your post is cheerful!!

    I wanted to thank you also for popping by & leaving a sweet word.

    happy week to you ♥