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Friday, 25 March 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful - Week 12

Here are my reasons to be cheerful and grateful this week ..

1. My youngest son has a wonderful new haircut, really short and tidy. This may seem like no big deal but his hair has suffered for a while after I attempted to cut his hair myself and went a little too far and with very little talent. It is wonderful to see him looking reasonable again and the short cut really shows off is handsome face.

2.We had a wonderful family day out on Saturday. We have busy weeks so it is always lovely to savour a Saturday where we are all together laughing, playing, shopping, eating and drinking. Memory-making basically.

3. We have a huge barn and spent hours on Sunday getting it sorted out. The Spring just makes you more motivated to tackle these difficult jobs. It felt really good working hard as a team with Him Indoors and then showing off our efforts to my Dad.

4. My puppies are now more than 3 weeks old and we have some firm interest in rehoming some of them. They are such fun now trying to clamber out of their box, frolicing together and even giving tiny "woofs" from time to time.

5. I am enjoying making plans for my daughter's 7th birthday. Will it be a party? Will it be a playhouse? I have had so much fun seeking playhouses that I am starting to wonder if it is actually me that wants the thing. Too much Little House on the Prairie in my soul I think.

6. I have made some great bargain purchases this week and will be sharing them in the wonderful #MagpieMonday blog hop. Some of the buys are quite grown-up for me. It had to happen at some point I suppose.

7. I had a day off blogging yesterday which is quite unusual for me. It was fabulous to open my blog today to find I had still had lots of visits yesterday and also gained two new followers. Mind you, maybe that means people prefer me to say nowt rather than summat lol!

8. The sun is shining and I have great plans for today including pursuing a very exciting opportunity but more on that if it happens....

9. I continued to have faith in my "Wonderful Women" linky up/blog hop/meme even though not many participate in it. I still feel it is vital that we say how great the women in our lives and the wider world are. I am sticking with it and really appreciate those who share their stories by linking up. See below for more details and let's shout that we should be really cheerful that women make such a difference.

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  1. Wow, so many reasons - you must be super happy!

  2. Oh I do miss my puppies they made me laugh so much during the winter! Sounds like you have had a great week by looking on the bright side!

  3. You find so many reasons to be cheerful! Looking forward to seeing your finds at Magpie Monday x

  4. I love the mix of stuff in your list (and love that like me you can't/don't stick to 3). My son has very curly hair and I hack at it, so it was inspiring to read someone else has done similar. I haven't yet found a suitable hairdresser. I will look out for your Wonderful Women - I totally agree.

  5. I have two curly haired kids and straight hair myself so always feel like I ahe failed them - whatever I do to their hair makes it worse. I reckon cuts are in order, it does make you feel like you are a better parent when they don't look like complete urchins for a change!
    Thanks for your lovely comments, really helpful :) sorry for your loss too.
    Have a great weekend make some more memories!

  6. I love Little House on the Prairie! Wish I had a barn. Lovely to see so many reasons to be cheerful. I've vlogged my reasons this week :)

  7. Such a lot of lovely reasons. You must be so happy and feel so blessed x Have a great weekend x I am following you now x

  8. You have so many reasons to be cheerful. I'm afraid I only did 3! I am really enjoying your blog.

  9. Ohh dear with the self-hair cutting. It never seems to work out! Glad your little man is all sorted again!

    Sounds like an excellent week.

    Mich x