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Monday, 21 March 2011

Magpie Monday - things that amuse me from bargain-hunt trips

Firstly, I want to say how much I enjoy taking part in Magpie Monday. It is the first blog hop I tried and I have so enjoyed doing it.Secondly, I want to say how sorry I am that my St Patrick's Day themed Magpie Monday led to concern from or distress to other people. I did it for my amusement and the bit about maybe other Magpie Monday people wanting to have a go at a theme was a thought, an idea, a bit of fun and not in any way meant to upset anybody least of all the wonderful founder of such a great idea.

I do think I got caught up in a week where someone else had said they would not be taking part due to pressure to find particularly wonderful finds. To be honest, I think Magpie Monday should be like blogging itself with everyone doing it in their own way with the rider that they should not go against the spirit of the blog hop. Part of me did not feel like taking part in Magpie Monday this week as I feel a bit like "the bad guy" when there was no ill intent on my part at all.

I tend to visit all Magpie Monday entries enjoying looking at finds and why people choose the things they do. Participants will know that from their comments pages.

I am going to join in as I like the challenge every Monday of looking at past and more recent finds. I will link up to Magpie Monday and see what happens. I think it is time for less knickers in twisting and more charity shopping celebrations.

Firstly, I found some books that I hope will make me and my family laugh.

There was a New Woman Bloke Joke book which is not really my thing but it sometimes is good to look at something you would not normally do so. My son chose a Harry Hill joke book in his current quest to become a famous comedian himself. He is quite good at wordplay and funnies so may well achieve his ambition in some way. To make the most of the charity shop' "Buy two and get another book free" offer, I bought a book by Stephen Fry that I have wanted to read for some time. £2 for all three! Kerching!!

A joke from the New Woman book is ....

Why are blokes like horoscopes?
They always tell you what to do and are usually wrong.

A joke from Harry Hill ...

Child: Mum, come quickly! I've knocked the ladder down outside!
Mum: Well, don't tell me. Tell your father.
Child: I have tried but he can't hear me
Mum: How come?
Child: He's hanging from the roof.

Other books whose titles amused me included Stephanie Callman's "Confessions of a Failed-Grown Up - Bad Motherhood and Beyond". No prizes for guessing why that one appealed.

Another was "How to Boil a Flamingo and 49 other life lessons in the lost art of being a lady" by Allison Vale and Alison Rattle.

I have a charity shop find with a red nose which is great in the week of Comic Relief so here he is. Just £2 and I still regret leaving the similar type of Pinnochio on strings that I left behind in the shop.

Here is my Bertie Bassett which I knew would appeal to my late Mum. It is a money box which she loved and my Dad gave me back when she died. It was just 50 pence and is so cheerful it always raises a smile.

I have a little red buddha that I picked up years ago at a charity shop and cost 50 pence. I have a thing about buddhas and this follows me wherever I go. It is a bit like that Paul Young song about "Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home". My equivalent is "Wherever you find my buddha ...."

Here is one of my fave charity shop finds as it summarise how I go through life in many ways. 50 pence and I love him!

Finally, I have a giggler that I have had for years that was just 50 pence and has got me through many a tough time. It was a little cushion type thing that you press and it lets out a raucous laugh. I have used it to quell family arguments, in the depths of grief and on so many family occasions. Regrettably, my dog had the last laugh this week when he chewed it to bits.

The Monkey was 50 pence and reminds me of my approach to life. Cheeky but terrified!

Me and My Shadow


  1. Great finds, always up for seeing other peoples CS treasures. Scarlett x

  2. Great finds - looks like a good week's bargain hunting!

  3. I'm just lovin' that Bertie Bassett xx

  4. Hunni, you haven't upset anyone - least of all me!

    I thought the theme was a great idea, and so did others. Then for some odd reason I had a wobble, like you say there were other comments and lots of people have tweeted me over the weeks that their finds 'arent good enough to link'. That set me off into a little nightmare scenario!!

    Anyway, I'm sorry, I should have talked to you first about my worries. Friends? No more knicker twisting? :0) x

    Back to the celebration!!!! I love your Bertie Bassett - is it me though, he looks like he's doing something rude LOL

    Your puppet is great too.

    Thanks for linking up again. Loves you x

  5. I love your little buddha! I gave my sister one for a birthday recently and she loves to touch it as she walks past it. Great other finds. Bx

  6. Great finds! Love the Budha x

  7. I have a little red buddha that I love too - 50p is a bargain. Themed blog link-ups don't put me off because I can always find a tenuous link (like I did this week!)