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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Very Inspirational Mum - Keira O'Mara

Did you expect to become a mother?

Yes I think I did always expect I would one day have a baby. It was only really in my late twenties that I felt ready though.

How are you like your own mum?

Me and my mum are physically alike as well as having similar personalities. We are both very chatty and interested in people but can also get stressed quite easily.

How do you differ from your own mum?

She is more patient than me!

Please tell us about your achievements since becoming a mum (including parenting ones)?

I have two wonderful little achievements, Sam is 3 1/2 and Lily is 10 months!

It was because of having Sam that I came up with the idea for Mamascarf, (my breastfeeding scarf) and then set up the business. Business wise, winning several business awards in the last year has been fantastic, having an email from Melanie C and Leah Wood's agents to say they loved Mamascarf and being on This Morning in a best baby products feature are also some of my high points.

Describe your most challenging time in working towards your achievement?

One of the most challenging times was when Mamascarf was illegally copied and one company were even trading under my name. Luckily I was legally protected but it was still a really stressful time and I still have to look out for copies on the internet.

Describe the moment that you felt most like an achiever?

Being told that Tesco would be stocking Mamascarf was pretty amazing.

What individuals offered you support?

My family and friends have been a huge support. My mum attends all of the trade and baby shows with me, one of my best friends is my model, my husband helps with post office runs. I have also had support from the community of mums with similar businesses to me, particularly those with baby products.

What organisations offered you support?

I have used Business Link and Mumsclub. for support. I have been on several courses run by Business Link and met with an advisor and have used the forums on I have also used Business Insight, for Intellectual Property advice.

If you could revisit yourself when you doubted yourself, what would you tell yourself?

To keep going and that it is going to be worth all of the hard work.

What would you say to a mum out there who has a dream or something they would like to do?

Go for it! Being my own boss is the best thing that I have ever done. I am so passionate about my business and love the time with my family that it gives me.

Keira O'Mara
Mama Designs Ltd
07967 302698
SMARTA 100 winner
Bizzie Baby Gold Award
"Mumsnet Best"
Practical Parenting Awards finalist 2010/11
Finalist Nectar Entrepreneur of the Year 2010
Shortlisted Remote Worker Awards 2010
Finalist 2010 WOTW "Outstanding New Product"

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  1. Oh wow truly inspiring. Maybe me doing my thing isn't so potty after all!