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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Who wants to be my new best friend?

I am looking for a new best friend. Wonder if there will be any takers?

What do you need to know about me?

Well, I am lonely or I would not be looking for a new best friend.

I am dark-haired, wavy at that with deep brown eyes and curvaceous (read fat) figure.

I like to blog and read other blogs a lot. I like to play with words and I love to promote concepts, goods and services. I have a bit of a social conscience going on too.

I spend far too much time indoors to the detriment of my mental health I think. I am prone to depressive episodes and some in my circle say I have a touch of the bi-polar about me (but hey, all the best people have that don't you know?. For reasons you might read in other posts, I carry insecurity around with me and it is way too heavy.

What would I like to do on a perfect day?

I would get up and eat breakfast and a lovely one at that on a pine table in a big kitchen. It would be scrambled eggs and smoked salmon or similar. There would be blue and white striped crockery with warm milk in a jug for my coffee.

I would then read the newspapers with my new best friend commenting and sharing our opinions on the deep and frivolous matters of the day.

At that point, I would go to a car-boot sale really enjoying all the diverse and quirky offerings.

Then, it would be a picnic lunch with a proper old-fashioned hamper with lots of goodies - huge tomatoes, eggs, interesting sandwich fillings and lots of cakes too.

I might even take a nap in the sunshine.

Back home to change into a new outfit ready for my trip to the theatre with my new best friend. It might be a musical or a play but it would be in an old-fashioned theatre with lots of red and gold and big curtains.

There would be a long interval allowing for a lovely supper with my new best friend who would introduce me to a new circle of people too.

Home feeling sleepy but alive enough to listen to Eighties Music particularly Queen and the Pet Shop Boys.

Ah well, back to living in cyberspace until the children come home from school and the round of refereeing and waitressing begins.

Then, my beloved will come home and I can have a deep and meaningful relationship with his left ear as he watches the telly.

A girl can dream of a new best friend and the perfect day especially in the sanctuary of her blog.


  1. I don't ever class anyone as my best friend, I have one friend is the best I suppose but we've been mates for 25 years so she's more like an adopted sister! I hate that in life we're meant to tie ourselves to a group of people to define who we are- I much prefer to know loads of people, both on and off line, who I can call on when I need help depending on what the issue is. Much better.

    I'll be your mate though- you can call on me whenever you like!

  2. I hereby submit my application for the vacancy of your new best friend (your perfect day sounds like bliss).
    I'm big and bouncy (in body and soul), born blonde but a redhead by temperament and bottle, a bit of a klutz, have the elegance of a warthog on heat, but the heart and soul of a poet with a warped sense of humour.
    Deep down, I just want to save the world and make everyone nice to each other (so long as I can indulge in a little therapeutical bitchery and digging of the dirt with my new best friend now and again).
    Above all, I mean well - and I truly believe that cups of tea, the occasional glass of wine and oodles of silliness can save lives.

    So, who do have I have to bribe to get onto the short list?

  3. It was all going so well - till you mentioned the Pet Shop Boys! ;))

  4. Throw in a bit of wham & a-ha too & I'll be there x