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Monday, 4 April 2011

Magpie Monday - naughty but nice

Well, here are just some of my finds that fit with the saying "naughty but nice".

I have had the bad luck to find a woman who is selling a whole host of things from her house that almost exactly match my taste of lack of it depending on your viewpoint.

I have a little virtue and turned down an antique writing desk, a retro coffee table, a lamp and a huge vase. She had sold the amazing dolls' house before I got to her which is probably a good thing really as my daughter has two already.

However, I took great delight in sending a blushing Him Indoors to collect 5, erm, erotic statues. I paid about 10 per cent of what they are worth but I love nudes so long as they are tasteful so these will be staying with me. Him Indoors commented that it was not ideal that I put them next to Bertie Bassett and the Sacred Heart of Jesus but I will find the right spot for them I promise.

I also got a wonderful photo frame in glass from the charity shop which is sort of a spoof on Charlie's Angels i think with three females and the words "Girl Power" on it.

In my bathroom, there is a tile in a frame with what I think is a handpainted picture of a couple in a bathtub. Very "Love is ..." It makes me laugh and reminds me of times when I have had more than one person in the bath and not a child if you get my drift.

There have, of course, been other purchases of the bargain variety this week but think these will do for this week's Magpie Monday.

Next week, I promise to be less saucy and more deep and intellectual, honest guv!

Due to the saucy nature of the finds, there are no pictures unless you ask me nicely!

Do check out the other finds on the Magpie Monday blog hop. From books to charming porcelain to furniture to clothing to quirky objets d'art, all life is here.

Me and My Shadow


  1. Well I am sure that you will find the ight place to display your nudes ! Well Done!

  2. Ooooh I want to see! Please? :0)

  3. Nudes always remind me of that episode of Hotel Inspector where the B&B had nudes on almost every available surface, and they ended up selling them at a car boot. Hey, if you'd found that one, you could have ended up on telly, as well as owning some VERY interesting statues!

  4. Right we need those nude pictures! lol. Just to brighten up my day *wink* Scarlett x

  5. heh, always good to send the husbands on an occasional mission of that nature, keeps 'em on their toes!

  6. I'm with MissieLizzie on this one! Go on!!

  7. Yeah, we wanna see pictures!!!!

  8. Oh come on - we NEED pictures xx

  9. Oooh they're nice. I like them - especially with Bertie Bassett. I hope you're going to keep them displayed like that, it's funny!