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Friday, 1 April 2011

Reasons2BCheerful - quite a few actually

Here are a few reasons I am cheerful this week.

1. I am talking about great inspiratonal mums all this week to mark Mother's Day on Sunday. Please take the time to read their stories - ones of life, love, loss, learning and laughter. Stories from women who have established their own businesses and have fantastic advice for women who wish to do the same. More to come over the next few days so keep an eye out and be inspired. Also recognise yourself a bit and give yourself a pat on the back for being superb. Happy Mother's Day and don't forget to blog about your Mum and link up to my blog on Wonderful Women - Mums. See blog post below a few posts.

2. I opened a fortune cookie today and it said I would appear on telly within the year. At the moment that seems unlikely but hey, this week Fern Britton chose to follow me on her first week on Twitter. I also had an interesting direct message or two with Philip Schofield from ITV This Morning about the blow up doll feature. So I have the contacts and just need to do something newsworthy now.

3. I have applied for two opportunities that could increase my income. Must be the Spring in the air or something because I am also seriously considering doing some driving lessons and volunteering in school.

4.I spent some time with my littlest boy for 3 hours in his class at school the other day. He was so proud when I walked in which warmed my heart as a fat and frumpy mummy. He showed me off to all his teaching team and friends. I realised how very rare it is for him to get my undivided attention and cherished every minute of our time together. We sang songs, danced, played in the playhouse, made towers , played pet shops, sieved sand, drew on blackboards, filled up his bike at the fuel tank, listened to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I took to some of his classmates in particular especially those who wanted me to hold their hands and so on. How lovely that a child thinks that you are OK - what a gift!

5. I also went to see my little girl perform in a special assembly based on the Katie Morag books. The day before had seen a mad hunt for a tartan outfit and from the look of the other children we were the only ones that managed to pull it off. It is very rare that I am the best mummy so I relished that moment too. It was a scary moment when she took hold of the microphone as she can be very shy. However, I was amazed as she presented in a strong almost adult voice and read accurately and with expression. Well Done my little superstar.

6. I have had quite a shopping spree this week and as usual I am relishing being Second Hand Rose. Watch out those who do the Magpie Monday blog hop as I have things that are a little saucy for your delectation next week!

7. We are getting out car fixed today. It will cost money but will give peace of mind.

8. My daughter did not even touch her new pink scooter before running to me for a cuddle and to say "Thank you so much Mummy!" She is such a lovely little girl.

9. My eldest boy announced he intends to be a historian, a scientist or a comedian when he grows up. Which should I prefer?

10. We have several puppy viewings this weekend with people promising to leave deposits and it is lovely to think of our little bundles of joy going to loving homes.

11. Fern Britton is back on the telly at 5pm on weekdays on Channel 4. I like Fern and have had a letter of support from her in the past. We share several life experiences too from being attacked in a certain city to depression and so on.

12. I am busy making plans for my daughter's birthday. The hall is booked for the party and she has a lovely new playhouse with butterflies and flowers on it. It is hidden at the moment and will be revealed on the Big Day.

13. I have ideas for a new website and also some new blog hops.

14. My Dad appears much better after a recent illness so we are going out for the day today. Having lost Mum in 2009, I know how important it is to cherish these times of memory-making.

15. I actually spent some time in the sunshine reading a very funny book this week. One of the things that I find it hard to squeeze into juggling it all is reading even though it is a passion. So that was a huge reason to be cheerful this week.

16. I have 2 new pink mops. I now that sounds so silly a reason to be cheerful but I find if I have funky equipment, I actually feel much more motivated to tackle the housework.

I am sure there are more but I need to leave you time to check out everyone else's reasons to be cheerful.

As ever, a huge thanks to Mummy from the Heart for starting this weekly feast of chirpiness.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

I am linking up to the lovely Maxabella's blog hop too where we show gratitude for the lovely things in our lives. Please pop over and say hi and read the blog posts listed there too.


  1. I love that you find so many reasons to be cheerful. I look forward to your Magpie Monday post and share the funky equipment love with my zebra print dustpan and brush xx

  2. What a fabulous week you've had and you are very blessed to have so many reasons to be cheerful :-)

  3. What a week. I was struggling just to come up with three but then I am almost falling asleep as I type this. :yaaaaawwwwwwn:

  4. What a lovely list - although you are definately not allowed to tell us to celebrate mothers and inspirational women and then refer to yourself as fat anf frumpy!

    looking forward to your blog hop ideas too.

  5. Nice one, loads of lovely reasons to be grateful.

  6. Wow, you are wallowing in the cheerful this week! I am having a chuckle over the fact that fortune cookies are talking you into becoming a tv star these days... times have changed!

    Hope your next week is just as terrific. Thanks for linking up with me. I love our 'transatlantic' meet-ups on the weekends. x

  7. I have not joined in this week after a tough week now you have made me want to try. There is always something to be cheerful about and grateful for. Thank you for sharing x

  8. that is quite a few! glad you have lots of reasons to be cheerful!

  9. I think you win the prize for being the MOST cheerful person. Well done on all those reasons. Your glass is deifnatly half full!

    Your time with your son at school sounds lovley. Kids love to have us to themselves.

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for joining in each week, regulars like you make R2BC a success.

    Mich x