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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A belated Magpie Monday

I am probably breaking all the rules but I can't miss Magpie Monday even if it is technically Tuesday. It was a Bank Holiday yesterday and I was having fun with my family and so busy that I did not have time to post. Anyway, the worst thing about Bank Holidays is that the charity shops remain closed.

Since we are just past Easter, I am posting relevant second-hand finds or acquisitions.

I have 3 children and one Easter I got them all cuddly toys from the charity shop on an impulse. All rabbits and all very much-loved even if my daughter will insist on giving hers a makeover.

Easter is about eggs too, right? Here are two egg cups that I love. Can you guess which came from Harrod's originally? Not bad for less than £1 each. I do love a boiled egg and soldiers.

I spent Easter Saturday at the charity shop as usual picking up some vest tops to go with the massive lot of tops I got via Netmums some time ago. All lovely but many very see-through so needed some vest tops to go underneath to keep me decent.

My little boy got a Scooby Doo book and my daughter got a Bratz make-up case thing. My older boy is now bemoaning the lack of stuff for teenagers in training in charity shops.

I can't wait till tomorrow. I have money a plenty after selling my litter of puppies and intend to carry out a full on raid on the charity shops. So expect a bumper Magpie Monday from me next week. Maybe I should go for a Royal or Wedding theme? I know, don't mention the Wedding and more importantly, don't say anything about themes.

Off to spend the rest of my spare time reading up on other bargains found by my Magpie friends.

Photos later when my camera starts to function again. Batteries might help lol.


  1. Completely agree about charity shop opening hours... anyone would think they were run by volunteers! ;p I was horrified when I discovered most of the ones in Maidstone seemed to shut by 4pm every day.
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my first Magpie Monday. An excuse to scavenge might encourage me to blog more!

  2. Sounds good to me - I can't resist a bargain!

  3. Ooooh its kinda intriguing without photos! I'm imaginging what they look like.

    I went charity shopping today - got a great red/white/blue top perfect for the big day on Friday ;0)