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Friday, 8 April 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 14

Here are this week's Reasons to be Cheerful

1. I suppose the major news in our world is that whereas last week we had no new homes secured for our lovely litter of labrador puppies, we now have 5 ready after just 5 puppy viewings. We have more viewings at the weekend so fully expect all our lovelies to have nice homes to go. It is lovely to meet the new owners and find out their motivations for wanting a dog and see their pure joy when they pick one.

2. I had the most lovely Mother's Day with home-made cards from the children and a big glossy one from my husband plus 4 bunches of flowers and chocolates. I also identified charity shop things I liked and will say more about those on #MagpieMonday. If you don't know what that is, do check out details on Twitter. I also went to church which is unusual for me these days but I really enjoyed it as well as the coffee and treats afterwards. I lit a candle for my Mum and felt a little tearful but if you have to face up to such things as the loss of your Mum, it is easier if you are holding your own children's hands.

3. I have done various bargain -hunting this week and two of my children and my husband will be getting things they will love very soon as a result. More on #Magpie Monday so do revisit my blog then.

4. I have heard about new blogger opportunities and am pursuing some of those. I have also been nominated for the MAD Blog Awards and if you have not nominated me already, I welcome your support and all you have to do is follow the badge below. I am also actively seeking blogs to support in these awards so do get in touch if you want my support as I know that I don't know all the blogs in town and that I when I find new ones I always laugh, learn and feel inspired.

5, I have started Proud Mummy and Inspiration Blog Hops (scroll down for details and feel free to join in). Hardly anyone joins in but those that do are quality contributions and much appreciated. I have been questioning the whole blogging thing and realising how easy it is to get caught up in the rankings, competitions, blog hops, awards stuff and how vital it is to revisit your motivations for blogging in the first place. I want to do more good with my writing and have plans for a new website and blog to do just that.

6. I have really enjoyed that feeling of warmth from the lovely sunshine and have counted my blessings that I now live in a house with a courtyard that is a real sun trap. We have new red flowers in the garden too, a colourful blast of joy.

7. My oldest son thanked me for all my hard work this week and my daughter wrote me a lovely poem about how I am like a trampoline, a kitten, a flower and a Barbie Doll. Look through my posts from this week and the Proud Mummy one if you want to read it in its entirety. Now I often feel unappreciated and more importantly like a totally inadequate mummy so these were blessings indeed. Plus I am strutting my stuff now that I know that rather than fat and frumpy, I am actually a Barbie!

8. We had a brilliant school report for my daughter who is exceeding all her targets. Also she is described as "a delight to teach" and "a superstar". Her mother's daughter, then lol!

9. After all my stressing about my brother's vist (see yesterday's post), he turned up in one of his good moods and was fine about the state of his room and so on. Phew!

10. It is my darling daughter's 7th birthday tomorrow. I have so many lovely things planned for her and I love her very much indeed.

11. I was very unhappy about a School Initiative and blogged about it below. Due to encouragement received, I stuck to my convictions and also complained to the school. To my amazement, the Head reflected on my comments, thought they had merit and took my complaint to the Governing Body. The Chair of the Governors said she had felt like me for years about the scheme but had not had the confidence to speak out. They are now ensuring every child gets a certificate of participation and reviewing how the scheme should change so that the benefits can remain without the bad stuff I complained about that they agree clashes with good moral values. I have been asked to feedback my ideas and also to get involved in fundraising for the school. Double win! People Power works so have your say this week!

Now, why wouldn't I be cheerful?

MAD Blog Awards 2011

With thanks to Mummy from the Heart who helps me so much with this blog hop by reminding me of all the lovely things that happen all the time. Really good for someone who struggles with depression and blows those black clouds away.

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  1. How wonderfull! Indeed you have so much to be cheerfull for it cheers me as well :D You must be so proud of your children, they sound fantastic!

  2. What fantastic reasons to be cheerful this week! Congrats on your daughter's birthday and on being a Barbie :D And huge well done's for making a stand at school - people power yeah!!

  3. You are such a sweetie. So glad your brothers visit was a good one. How do you know you were nominated for the MADS, I am itching to know if anythgin has nominated me! lol

    and 4 bunches of flowers on Mothers Day - lucky lady.

    Mich x

  4. Wow what a fab week you have had! We are thinking of getting a puppy very soon so I may come back and tap you up for tips! Good luck with your mads noms. I haven't done mine yet but I doubt I'll be getting any this year, I'm a little too new.

    Have a lovely weekend & get on the golf course!

  5. A great week (mothers' day just must have been the icing on the cake!) I know what you mean about your head getting turned by stats and awards and the like. To be honest, I went through a period where all that stuff seemed really important, but I really got over it and have been happier for it. I haven't checked my stats in months and that's fine by me! x