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Friday, 15 April 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 15

I am taking my own advice this week. I always tell people that if they are having a bad week, taking part in Reasons to be Cheerful can only help as there is always something positive even in the worst of weeks.

I have not had the best week. Blame it on menstrual tension, depression or whatever. I hit one of my lows. Not only do I do a whole heap of negative self-talk when this happens but I also talk absolute nonsense to Him Indoors, yes giving valid complaints but also heaping on a whole heap of fantastatical ideas about his sins too. Needless to say, this does not add to very good marital relations. Which pushes me into an even deeper downward spiral where my marriage is going to end thus proving that everybody leaves you in the end. The lucid part of me tells me that I have abandonment issues and am way too dependent on Him Indoors but how much easier it is to wallow in self-pity sometimes.

Anyway, this is supposed to be my Reasons to be Cheerful.

1. The weekend saw my daughter having her 7th birthday. She absolutely loved her presents, lots of them especially of the pink, Bratz or arts and craft variety. As you get more experienced as a Mum, you buy what they will enjoy rather than living out your own childhood fantasies. We built her new playhouse which is white with lots of colourful flowers and butterflies on it. She loves it and so do her brothers, both the little one and the big one. They have their tea in it sometimes and invent all sorts of games stimulated by having it. We had cake and candles and a lovely day.

2. We sold our 6th puppy. I was so delighted as it went to a couple who had bought our little black one and then telephoned to ask for our tiny white one. Unfortunately, by them we had sold it but they telephoned after a week to say they would have the other white one. Basically the Mum wanted the white, the little girl chose the black so Daddy realised the only way his life would be worth living was to get both. We just have on lovely chocolate labrador puppy looking for a new home now. So sweet and I call him Freddie (after Freddie Mercury of course!). The ones named by their new owners are Bruno, Billy, Lucas, Bailey and Jasper.

3. I have received nominations for the MAD Blog Awards. It was so nice to discover that people like what I do on here enough to nominate me. I am still thinking who to nominate in soem categories so give me a heads up if you would like me to take a look at your blog.

MAD Blog Awards 2011

4. My Gallery post about the icebergs in our lives went down really well (just like the Titanic - sorry I do have a very black sense of humour sometimes). It brought loads of new followers and readers. It is so good how a blog can lead you to meet in cyberspace at least with some wonderful people. Why is it not so easy in real life? I really could do with a real life friend that I see regularly.

5. When I had a very self-indulgent tweeting day yesterday, people reached out to offer support and cyber friendship. Sometimes that just helps you find a chink of positivity to move you forwards a bit. Thanks all.

6. In the midst of the misery, I decluttered and bagged up 3 bin liners of stuff for the charity shop. Also tidied two bedrooms to my standards so that I feel more in control of things.

7. It is payday today and I reckon that a shopping spree tomorrow might just blow those black clouds away.

8. I am almost at the point of booking my first driving lesson. I need encouragement as I am already telling myself I will not succeed, blah, blah. However, I know my life would be transformed if I could drive especially now I live in a village without a bus service so find myself all too often housebound.

9. The weather is good enough to tempt me out for more walks which I know is always good for my soul.

You see, I have had a rotten internal world week but look what was happening on the outside. Feeling better already.

Do visit people who are feeling way more chirpier than me this week and celebrate all good things.


  1. Well done for finding so many good reasons when you are having such a tough time. I hope things start to improve soon x
    p.s. I'l love a chocolate lab :(

  2. oooh I need driving lessons too. Great reasons xx

  3. From dark days to reasons to be cheerful - fantastic reasons x Thanks for visiting mine to - Louise x

  4. Excellent reasons there hun, glad you had lots of support from tweeting too. :)

  5. Fabulous list and so many reasons when you are feeling low too. I got very excited for you at the thought of booking driving lessons - it's a wonderful freedom to be able to drive anywhere. Happy belated birthday to your daughter too. I hope you feel brighter this coming week but know that we are there to give cybersupport (it's a word I'm sure!). Take care, Hx

  6. Glad you are feeling better. Strange, isn't it, how things like having a sort out and tidy up make you feel more in control.

  7. You have so many reasons to be cheerful! You can talk to me anytime you want. thanks for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment on my post. Hope you are feeling a bit happier this week. It's so hard when you suffer from depression, everything seems like such an effort. Keep going with your driving lessons - it will give you a whole new lease of life. Cyberhugs xxx