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Friday, 1 April 2011

Celebrating Inspirational Mums - Sue from Popdance

Sue from Popdance agreed to answer my questions as part of a series of posts celebrtaing inspiratonal mums. Please read her story and then scorll down for other mum stories. Babyloss, birth trauma, joys and pains of establishing businesses as a mum, juggling it all - lots of aspects of motherhood I hope readers can relate to or take heart from.

Did you expect to become a mother?

Yes, I knew that one day I wanted to be a mum and was very excited, obviously, when we had our two boys

How are you like your own mum?

I suppose putting the boys first as most mothers do, but also encouraging my children to be independent and trying to give them their freedom as much as I can

How do you differ from your own mum?

My mum has a memory like an elephant – which has skipped a generation and gone to my son! He reminds me to do things!

Please tell us about your achievements since becoming a mum (including parenting ones)?

My achievements I feel have been successfully juggling work and kids. I worked in marketing when the kids were very tiny and then started Popdance as a hobby really. Popdance eventually took over from my marketing job and I made the decision to put my efforts into making Popdance accessible to people throughout the UK and beyond.

Describe your most challenging time in working towards your achievement?

Being on the biggest roller coaster of my whole life! One minute up and next wondering whether it is worth all the hard work, late nights and sacrifices but then getting a massive rush when achieving my goals.

Describe the moment that you felt most like an achiever?

My kids are my biggest achievement. I was elated when my sons were born and thought, if I can get through childbirth, then I can get through anything. And that Kit Kat never tasted so good!

What individuals offered you support?

My husband is a massive supporter – I just could not do it without him.

What organisations offered you support?

Ooh, lots actually, we met up with Business Link who were very helpful and we joined networking groups which were essential.

If you could revisit yourself when you doubted yourself, what would you tell yourself?

Keep going – if you believe in what you are doing, then just keep going.

What would you say to a mum out there who has a dream or something they would like to do?

If you believe in it, then do it.

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  1. Love this. And it's rare to hear a mother say that she juggles motherhood and working successfully. Yay! It's a miracle! Thanks for the lovely post. xx