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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Reflections on myself as a blogger and the MAD Blog Awards

I am delighted to announce that some kind souls out there have nominated me for the MAD Blogging Awards. I read many blogs and know just how many fabulous ones are out there so any nomination is a major deal for any blogger. Thank you!

Of course, it would be remiss of me not to ask for further nominations and support. It only takes you a few minutes and you know if makes sense lol. Here is why it matters to me and how I am reflecting on my blog recently.

1. This blog was the idea of my late Mum. She wanted me to pursue my writing and thought this was a good place to start. I began it in early 2009 and within days of starting was hit with the devestating news that my Mum was dying from cancer. I managed to use the blog for therapy for a couple of months and then life and death took over till early 2010 really. So every nomination is a tribute to my Mum who I loved despite herself and despite myself.

2. I think I write well usually with a down-to-earth and humorous style. Most of all, I think I am honest, searingly so at times. I refuse to edit my posts on what might upset someone, offend someone or expose me too much. This is the place that I am totally me. I have found that very liberating and also a great help in handling the ever-lurking depression.

3. I try to help others via this blog particularly other mums and women generally. I think women generally and mums in particular put themselves way too much and that we need to challenge that in ourselves and others. So I have set up initiatives where we can celebrate wonderful women, mark out proud mummy moments and share our inspirational thoughts. I have high hopes of setting up a new blog soon that will focus far more on doing good keeping this one on for my random outpourings.

4. I cover "difficult" issues sometimes including adoption from different angles, domestic violence, bereavement, step-parenting and post-natal depression. I like to know how these touch people and make them feel less isolated with their feelings and experiences. I also learn from every comment that readers are kind enough to leave on my blog.

5. I try to support other people's initiatives such as the wonderful Magpie Monday, Reasons to be Cheerful, The Gallery and Silent Sunday. I also do make valiant attempts to visit other entries on blog hops and leave meaningful comments. I try to be an active and regular contributor to Blogging Networks such as British Mummy Bloggers again learning from and with others.

6. I respond to feedback so carry far less reviews now on here although retain recipes which seem to go down well with people. I am also using more photography now to break up the prose a little. I am still very much a words person but I am starting to relish taking photos too.

7. Thinking about how people win awards, I reckon you have to be either really talented or have a gimmick. I think I am talented but then so are so many bloggers out there. Gino seemed to do the trick on ITV's This Morning when he said if they won a National Television Award, he would cook naked. I could offer to blog naked (of course, that might not be a change lol), but would it be more of a pull to promise to keep my clothes on?! So if anyone can think of a suggested gimmick for me, let me know as I am sure that would make entertaining reading.

Finally, there are some truly marvellous blogs out there so if you just visit mine, do look around on Twitter and British Mummy Bloggers and find wonderful discoveries. Laugh and learn with lovely ladies (and the odd fella too but then they are all odd aren't they?)

Within the week, I will post my suggestions for great blog reading in the various MAD Blog Award categories. If you want a mention, give me a heads up.

It is so easy to recognise parent bloggers over at ...

MAD Blog Awards 2011

More importantly for me, I would really welcome your comments on what you like and dislike about this blog's content and style. This will inform my new one and it is good to know what you think too.


  1. What a brilliant post, thanks - do leave a link on our Facebook page and we will promote all your posts in our weekly Bloggy Update.


  2. would love a wee mention... but don't like to ask... but am asking! hope that the sun is shining today wherever you are

  3. Great post! I think it is important to deal with issues many would shy away from - nothing gets sorted or help found without talking x

    Come visit my blog anytime I would welcome a mention from you anytime x

  4. Congratulations! You have won the giveaway at RandomMama blog, couldn't find how else to contact you. Please contact me at jevgenijat at gmail dot com so I can give it to you :)

  5. I would just like to say that you do always leave lovely comments on my blog and others that you visit and I feel that is so important to do. Blogging is a community and you have to be an active member I think to get the most out of it. I think you are one of those active members and have certainly made me feel welcome since I started blogging about Esther and William. Hope you do well with the awards x

  6. You get my vote!!!!! I am also nominated but am far more interested in doing something else at the moment so would love it if you could mention this:

    Http:// post is called an iPad for steph

    Thank you xx