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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Proud Mummy Tuesday blog hop

As mums, we all love our children and the joys they bring in the midst of all the exhaustion and challenges. However, sometimes there are very special moments when you get that wonderful feeling in the heart region and you genuninely feel that your child is the best ever. I am starting a blog hop on Tuesdays to celebrate those moments so here goes with my contribution.

All you have to do to join in is link up a post that shows your child in a good light. Maybe they were a good friend to someone, made something special, performed in a play, did well at school, whatever.

I am proud of my darling daughter for seeing me in this way and reminding me that perhaps I am not such a useless mum after all.

This it the poem that appeared in my Mother's Day card from her.

My Mum

My Mum is bouncy just like a trampoline that I have fun on.

My Mum is nice just like a tiny ladybird munching on leaves.

My Mum is very playful just like a fluffy kitten playing with string.

My Mum is lovely just like a pink flower in the soil.

My Mum is fun just like a barbie doll for me to play with.

My heart swelled when I read this and it came in a beautiful handmade card with daffodils painted on the front.

Now, your children are fabulous too so link up your proud mummy moment.


  1. I added my link although it's not cute or about mother's day or anything like that. He made me giggle :)

  2. I think I like the trampoline line best ! That's lovely, one to file away for years to come. Thanks for linking up over at mine.