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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Strange Things Happen in my House

Why is it that ...

1. When my husband goes shopping, he always telephones me for guidance?

2. When I go for a bath, every member of my family needs a wee?

3. When I go for a wee, there is always a crisis downstairs that needs attention?

4. My children always announce they need something for school just as we are late for the bus?

5. My husband uses every pot in the house when he cooks a meal?

6. The one time I forget my house key so does everyone else?

7. My youngest son is always hungry?

8. When I cook for my oldest child, he treats the food like the work of the Devil?

9. My dog always jumps up at me when I am wearing my best clothes?

10. My daughter uses the fact that I told her she is an artist to excuse every mess she creates?

Well, why is it?


  1. funny - your family sound great!

  2. ha ha made me laugh! Mine is-why is it when i need sleep my son cries at 4am?!!!
    JoJo x

  3. Lol, I directed you to my new paranormal blog thinking your discussion on BMB was meaning ghostly goings on!!

    Great post and so very true!
    CJ xx

  4. I sincerely hope that you don't have all 10 happen on the same day!!