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Friday, 14 January 2011

Countdown to Valentine's Day

Christmas seems like a distant memory and already we are hurtling through the year with Valentine's Day being something to look forward to.

I waited for a long time to receive a Valentine's Day card. I was 21 years old, very shy and fascinated by who had left me a card at work. It turned out to be someone I fancied very much indeed. I guess that is as good as it gets rather than getting one from someone you don't like or not getting one at all.

I have had my romantic moments in my time. Yes really! I once came home on the train to find my current beau standing on the platform with a single red rose. I walked down the platform towards him shyly but thrilled all the same.

Him Indoors is very good on the Valentine's Day front. He is much better at that than birthday or Christmas usually. I get a card, flowers and a present most years.

Last year, I put bright pink stickers all over the bedroom wall with the many reasons I love him and reminders of very special memories from our years together. He insisted on keeping them and was very moved. I had thought he would just laugh at me which goes to show how you can underestimate your old man.

From today, I will be reviewing quirky, fun and fabulous gift ideas for Valentine's Day. I will also include those special things that are free but make a huge difference to how somebody you love feels.

One good place for any type of gift is Find a Gift and their offering on the romantic front include:

Brighten up rainy days with this funky umbrella, a must-have for any romantic. When it’s closed, it looks like a normal stylish brolly, but once opened it takes the shape of a huge heart! Choose between a red, hot pink and candy pink umbrella to give your loved one a present to cheer them up on a rainy day.

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE – rrp £19.90
This enchanting present brings a welcome change from chocolates and flowers, with a fully personalised scroll carrying a message of up to 2000 characters. The Message in a Bottle arrives in a nautical treasure chest complete with sea shells and sand for extra authenticity.

Make like cupid and stun your Valentine with a meaningful secret message hidden inside this brushed steel arrow. It comes with five spare scrolls in case you don’t get your love note right first time round… or if you’re given to changing your mind! Dimensions of the message arrow: 335 x 52 x 10mm.

My favourite of these is the Message in a Bottle. I have always found the whole concept of finding or sending a message in a bottle magical. Throwing something in the sea and wondering where it might end up. The bottle is nice and would look lovely in a bathroom with light coming through it. Sending a message in such an quirky way appeals to me.

The arrow idea would be great I think for new couples of if you are really keen to attract a special someone.

The umberella is great fun and very girly.

Here's to a great Valentine's Day 2011. Start planning now and pop over to throughout the month for lots of ideas from the cheap and cheerful to the high end.


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