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Friday, 21 January 2011

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Or is it just me?

This week has just got the point where it is overwhelming me.

It started on Monday when a simple trip into town to collect dog food resulted in me getting locked out of the house. I had to climb through a window and at a size 20 on a good day, I am sure that was not the most graceful sight in the village. I was fine when I got in but by the evening, I felt very shaky and stressed out.

On Tuesday, my Dad had trouble getting his pills that he needs to take to keep him going. So he returned home angry and I felt perhaps I should get more involved in helping him with these matters. He is so independent though so it is difficult to interfere.

All week due to a flood and frozen pipes, a backlog of washing mountains has made it challenging to ensure that clean uniform was available every day for the children. After all, you can bet that they will choose the day when the stocks are low to paint all over themselves or drop their lunches down their jumpers. This does not happen usually but I have struggled this week to have everything organised for them. Apologies to the parenting police but sometimes things don't quite go according to plan.

Then, the lovely Government decided to stop paying me tax credits for my children. Their mistake apparently but it still leaves me out of pocket for now. I telephoned them today and had to answer questions like the dates of birth of my children. What should have being simple questions felt like writing a dissertation for a PHD today.

Then the landlord visited and complained that we are storing things in the barn. I thought that would be Ok since we pay to rent the barn but apparently not. Oh and it was also my fault apparently that he could not find the cat he abandoned here back in September. The same one I have fed and looked after for months. Now I am frightened that by storing stuff in the barn I have put the whole tenancy at risk.

I know many people have a lot more on their plate today. I am not feeling sorry for myself. I just wanted to share that I feel tired and overwhelmed by the various stresses of the week. I then beat myself up for not being good enough at anything really.

I so need this weekend. Time with my husband and the children to remind ourselves that if the world and its wife thinks we are rubbish, we do try our best, help other people freely and know how to have a good time as a strong family unit.

Anybody else sometimes feel it is all too much?


  1. Oh you are soooo not alone. These things individually are not a problem but they have a habit of waiting round corners and ganging up on us! I hope that your weekend is stress free.

  2. Oh what a terrible week you've had :0(

    I hate it when things all seem to go wrong, it's like a snowball effect.

    Hope you've turned a corner now, and well done for climbing though the window! I think I'd have just phoned hubby to come home! x Big hugs.

  3. I regularly feel it's all too much.. and my kids are now grown up! I feel I should be more at peace and in control of things - but stuff happens!

  4. Yes all the time.
    I hope you have a much better week this week x