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Thursday, 27 January 2011

3 Reasons I am a good Mummy this week

I am having a go at my first meme so bear with me as I am clueless on the clever parts of blogging but here is my virginal attempt.

I thought we all beat ourselves up way too much as Mums so maybe it would be good to ask some mummy bloggers to talk about 3 reasons they are a good Mummy. Sometimes it is hard to think about good things about ourselves but I think it is probably necessary for our sanity and to explain why our children love us so much despite everything.

So here are my 3 ways of being a good Mum this week.

1. I have ensured that my son got to his choir practices even when it clashed with other plans. He performs at Sheffield Arena tonight as part of Young Voices. I asked if he was nervous at all and he said not. So presumbably I have instilled some self-belief in him too. Result!

2. I baked with my daughter last night even though I was exteremely tired and not feeling well. We made chocolate chip shortbread hearts and also different shapes to make it more fun. If this inspires you, scroll down to find the recipe.

3. I told all 3 of my children I loved them every single day of the week and often more than once.

Over to you mummy bloggers.

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