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Friday, 21 January 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

1. My little boy has started to read and very well too. It was such a thrill when he returned from school and read a whole book to me. As he is my youngest child, this was a very special milestone and a very moving mummy moment.

2. I am networking more with other bloggers and finally learning a little about what tags and memes and linky-ups are. Don't quite get them totally but at least am marginally less clueless. I hope to go to CyberMummy, the national event for mummy bloggers in June. How cool to meet some cyber friends face-to-face. Sponsorship welcome of course to cover the costs of this great big adventure.

3. It is the weekend tomorrow and I am so ready for it. It seems to have dragged this week, one of those times when I find things very overwhelming. So here is to a happy weekend to restore my chirpy spirits.

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