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Friday, 7 January 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1 2 3

I hope I am doing this correctly.

Mummy from the Heart has set up a scheme where bloggers can talk about their 3 reasons for feeling cheerful right now.

1. Despite a very difficult start to the day where my 5 year old refused to go to school, he went in the end. OK, I bribed him with the promise of a Buzz Lightyear toy but it was either that or choose to fire myself into infinity and beyond.

2. I have just seen the bin people arrive in the village. It feels so good to know that the bin contents and several black bin liners full of Christmas rubbish will be out of my sight today.

3. I have media interest in highlighting the fuel scam where a company took our money purporting to be a broker for heating oil companies. No oil arrived. I am so pleased that I might be able to expose this company nationally and prevent others suffering as my family did in the Artic conditions.


  1. You did it perfect! Thanks so much for joining in. Hope you will link up again next week.

    I have followed you and will come visit again. Mich x

  2. great list, hope you do get to expose the company who scamed you, and glad your little boy got to school :D

    oh and I found you from the 'simple life' group on british mummy bloggers :)

  3. re the fuel scam - did you pay by credit card? If so you may have recourse to the credit card company.

  4. Oh i like this, did you get little man a Buzz lightyear toy?
    I felt the same about our bin men this morning, 4 boxes full of plastic containers, glass bottles etc.