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Thursday, 20 January 2011

7 things you don't know about me (or may not know anyway)

1. I am 100% Irish even though I speak with a Yorkshire accent and was actually born in London. I am proud to be Irish and think the fact I am explains various aspects of my character. I love being in Ireland particularly liking Dublin, Killarney and Connemara with its wild coast.

2. I once has an "accident" as a little girl in the newsagents. I remember it so clearly. The lady who ran the shop was posh - a bit like the landlady in Corrie in the old days. My mum was chattering away to her and I was shouting "Mum!" trying to grab her attention. She was swatting me away like a wasp. Then the inevitable happened and I peed vast quantities all over the red floor. Needless to say, my mum was embarrassed and, hence, cross with me. I have always thought this was grossly unfair.

3. Once on a school trip, I agreed to show a boy my boobs. Little did I realise that I would then be blackmailed by every boy in the school to show them too. I should have woken up to the baser motives of males at that point. I do remember the dress I wore at the time as it made flashing really easy. It has an elasticated bodice and was green and white checked. I remember the names of the boys too!

4. I was rubbish at sports at school. It used to destroy my day when we had to do P.E. I did quite like hockey though. Once upon a time, I managed to give a girl a black eye and another girl the shape of a hockey stick in bruising on her leg in one match. This earned me the nickname Clogger. I also remember some teachers bullying me for being bad at sports. That has never gone away from my psyche so I will always be the "fat cow".

5. I sprayed fake snow on the windows of a 14th century college one Christmas. If you go to the front of a certain college in Cambridge and look very closely, more than twenty year laters you can still see white on a certain room's windows. Criminal damage - shocking!

6. Apparently I was at college with the Oscar winning actress Rachel Weisz. I don't remember her if I am honest. I do, however, remember Vicki O'Keefe. She was a schoolfriend who was an actress too. She had parts in things like Emmerdale and Nanny with Wendy Craig. You may or may not have heard of Vicki. Probably, sadly, most of you won't have. She died not long after leaving school in a car crash. Vicki and I never really got on probably because we were both aspiring to do great things and get out of our home town. Of all the people I would love to have a coffee with now and reflect on the past, she is high on my list. Sad to think what great achievements she could have had. I don't know how her loved ones cope with her loss.

7. I am a very boring person but occasionally I do stuff I am proud of. These would include walking on fire, winning a Cosmopolitan Woman of Achievement Award, getting Highly Commended for my biscuits in a competition and taking my clothes off for a photo-shoot.

So there you have it. This is part of a meme (whatever they are!) so I am hoping someone will tell me what I am to do next.


  1. You have forgotten to tag some people who you want to hear from and to tell us who tagged you!

    Other than that well done on your first Meme and also there are some cool facts there!!

  2. What you said about PE at school really struck a cord with me. I was rubbish at sports and the PE teachers were really mean to me, favouring the girls on the netball team.I used to literally not be able to sleep the night before sports day for worrying about making a fool of myself. It's such a shame children are made to feel this way.As an adult I enjoy exercise - walking, swimming etc but the mention of rounders is still enough to make me come out in a cold sweat!

  3. A super list, lol at you showing all the boys your boobs! With a meme, normally you would link ot the person who gave you the meme and then you woudl tag (suggest) other bloggers to take part so that it keeps going. I also took part in this one too -

    Mich x

  4. I was utterly dreadful at sports too, I just completely resented the whole thing, mostly because I didn't like doing things I was bad at! That, and the fact that it was apparently never too cold to do sports outside.
    Great list, would love to know more about your 'Woman of Acheivement' award! x

  5. i, too, was big fat rubbish at sports. 9apart from long-distance running, and quite frankly, what use is that??) i HATED hockey, the stick nearly snapped my wrists on several occasions, that ball was hard...!

    great learning about ur 7 things though...!

    love tamsyn,

    ps, walking on fire?? nice work...!