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Friday, 1 July 2011

21 facts about me 21 years ago on Graduation Day

It is 21 years since I graduated from university this week.

Here are 21 facts about me then.

1. I had the shortest skirt out of all the students graduating

2. I did not want to leave university

3. I was about a size 10 and thought I was fat

4. My drink of choice was bacardi and coke

5. I thought I was in love

6. I knew I did not want to be a lawyer but did not know how to tell my parents

7. I was very into women's issues

8. I did not wear high heels and was usually in ankle boots

9. My favourite bands included the Pet Shop Boys and the Eurythmics

10. I had low days when I would hide away from people

11. I had no faith that I would get a boyfriend ever

12. I did not expect to have children either

13. My favourite outfit was a crimson ra ra skirt and crimson jacket worn with underwear as my top

14. I wore a Swatch

15. I had big Eighties hair

16. I was a virgin

17. I did not smoke or do drugs

18. I was quite interested in New Age type issues

19. My mum had fallen out with me

20. I was good at keeping my room tidy

21. I was not destined to marry Daniel Craig (yes ladies, someone from my college did last week)


  1. Love the image of you in number 13. And I love reminiscing. So interesting to think how you've changed. You could make this a link y..
    Enjoyed your R2BC as well.

  2. This got me thinking... 21 years ago I was in the RAF, had big hair ( still do unfortunately), had just meet what is now my OH, and without being married or having any children was free to do what I wanted!!!! Oh those were the days :)

  3. 19 years for me, then... What a great idea for a roundup! As for #21, well, we can't all be Rachel Weisz, and we should be happy for that :)