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Friday, 15 July 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Here are this week's reasons for chirpiness.

1. My oldest son got a really good report. He was described as an expressive reader, an exceptional mathematician and an erudite historian. He is secondary school standard and well into secondary school at that at the mere age of 10. Perhaps our greatest thrill was that after 6 years of struggles, his handwriting is finally meeting targets set. That is one simple sentence that masks lots of sleepless nights, tearing my hair out and panicking about his future. Hence, I am one cheerful Mama this week.

2. Of course, life is not all about the official records of what we are good at. I found a thing his classmates had done for him. It described him as kind, funny, nice, smart, very clever and always willing to have a go.

3. Imagine my surprise this morning when I got a communication fromm the Open University this morning. He has signed up saying he wants to do a course already. Think we will spend the Summer chilling as think he may be driving himself a little too hard lol.

4. Finally, I just won £100 worth of toys. That will be a lovely suprise when the bundle arrives for my little ones.

I would encourage everyone to join in with Mummy from the Heart's blog hop at for a healthy dose of positivity. You can read, comment or write a blog post all of your own.

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