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Monday, 11 July 2011

Magpie Monday - Bargains Found This Week

I am joining in with Magpie Monday, one of my favourite blog hops organised by the lovely Liz over at the Me and My Shadow Blog.

Me and My Shadow

So what bargains have I picked up this week?

This weekend, I missed out on my charity shop visits. This was partly because I was busy decluttering and getting stuff ready to donate to the charity shops instead.

However, as usual, I had a daily peek at all the lovely bargains over on the Netmums Nearly New Boards.

Regular readers will know I do not tend to buy glass but Him Indoors will bleat on about our lack of glasses. A woman on Netmums was giving away some glasses and also two cocktail shakers, one Martini and one Baileys.

Regular readers will also know that I have a thing about both cocktails and Baileys so I could not resist these. All I had to do was to promote the pick-up as wine glasses to Him Indoors and my mission was complete.

Him Indoors reckons I choose the most quirky (not the word he uses but not going to offend Netmums friends) women to buy from. He was a little put out that he had to wrap the glasses himself on arrival. I did point out to him that they were free so he should be happy and a radiant free spirit about it all.

My favourite glasses were the little shot glasses in different colours.

My Dad said I was going all posh with the Martini glasses and needed a cigarette holder to complete the glamorous image.

I have never smoked but I do have a thing about cigarette holders so must keep an eye out for one or get my fellow Magpies to do so.

Now as my haul this week was so limited and free at that, here are some of my late Mum's finds from her bargain-hunting days. Will probably post a couple each week for your delectation and would love to know what you think of her taste and mine.

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