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Thursday, 14 July 2011

20 Mummy Memories

I am linking up with the wonderful new meme called Little Legacies.

This post really need to be read together with my post from yesterday to get the full meaning of how it fits with Little Legacies.

Here are 20 memories

1. Crunching through Autumn Leaves

2. You and Dad organising a dance at the Parochial Hall

3. Sitting on your knee

4. Telling you I had started my period

5. Pub meals at the Flouch

6. You visiting my newborn son and noticing how alert he was even then

7. Tomato soup in brown bowls at Christmas

8. Coffee mornings - chats, raffles

9. Telling you there was an outside chance I could get into Cambridge

10. Benjy, Paddy, Monty and other pets

11. Gardening and busy lizzies

12. Making Yorkshire puddings

13. You bursting into tears when I got into Cambridge

14. Lovely Christmases and our own places for presents in age order

15. Introducing you to my red-cheeked newborn daughter

16. Your love of history

17, Palmolive soap

18. Cheese and biscuit suppers when Dad went out

19. Turkish Delight

20. Telling you about baby number 3

Here are 20 special memories of my late mum.

I think they define an era and show how you don't need a lot of money to make a child happy

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