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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What Makes A Good Mum? It's Quite A Journey

Here are some travel memories of times spent with my late Mum. I wrote them down in a pretty pink book for her 80th birthday and found that book last week so thought I would share on my blog just in case the book ends up getting damaged.

1. Listening to a violinist in a church in a French village
2. Cointreau on Ice
3. Listening to her sing "Bye Bye Blackbird" and other songs in the car
4. Jumping in and out of waves in Spain
5. Bingo at tthe caravan in Hornsea
6. Big langoustines in a Loire hotel
7. Mildred catching us dancing crazily at the caravan
8. Brandied coffee at Haworth
9 A Day off from Life in Ilkley
10. Holidays in Northumbria especially the stable block and trying to get Top of the Pops on the Radio
11. Running clothed into the sea at Bridlington
12. Days Out all the time - my friends were jealous that all of our weekends were like holidays
13. A Dog and Rabbit jumping over me as I crouched in heather at Haworth
14. Getting "posh" for Glyndebourne visits and having our photographs taken
15. Christmas walks in Hyde Park
16. Croques Monsieurs and Madames
17. Really hot holidays in Devon in the mid-Seventies
18. Sitting on a bench around a tree at a pub in Cornwall I think
19. Pendle and witches
20. Feeding birds in Ravenscourt Park

What strikes me about these memories is that most of them did not involve spending much money at all. They involved walking, feeding animals, story-telling, laughter, music, dancing and family fun.

Perhaps that tells us a lot about what makes a good mother. It is all in the making of memories.

There are 60 other memories in the little pink book. Maybe I should get them blogged too for posterity?

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