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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Reasons to be Grateful

I am joining in with Maxabella Love's blog hop this week. She asks us to reflect on what we are grateful for.

1. I am grateful for my long lie-in this morning. Since having children, I find I walk around in a constantly sleep-deprived state. True, I am out of the babies stage of parenting and part of the problem is that I have always needed a lot of sleep, but lie-ins are a luxury these days. I am grateful for snoozing into mid-morning, having a cuppa delivered by my lovely husband and feeling those lovely cotton sheets on my skin.

2. I am grateful that my elderly Dad is fit enough to go on holiday to the South of France for 5 weeks. He set off today with my husband dropping him off at the station for the start of his journey. Since my Mum died, Dad has amazed us all with his capacity to carry on and I hope this continues for a long time yet.

3. I am grateful for new levels of motivation which seem to be driving me forwards in my life. Often in little ways like filling in forms or doing housework well but it helps me feel more on top of things and I am grateful for that.

4. I am also very grateful for Maxabella's blog post this week which speaks absolute sense to me so please do visit her and take a look. In a week where the mummy blogging world has being tainted by in-fighting, I thank Maxabella for unwittingly saying something very relevant to the whole situation.

Click on the badge/button above and find a lot of very grateful bloggers many of whom live in other countries so a useful tool for turning your blog into an international sensation lol

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