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Friday, 29 July 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful

I am struggling again for reasons to be cheerful this week but I know deep in my soul how important it is for me to take part in the wonderful Mich's blog hop from Mummy at the Heart.

1. I am cheerful for the counsel of wise women aged 7 to 42 years. Thanks ladies for all saying very different things but helping me see clearly through my current crisis.

2. I am grateful for laughter with my children and husband. Again, vital stress relief when times are hard.

3. I am happy to have pets to stroke. It looks like I have to rehome most if not all of them and this is very much not my choice. However, for now, they are sanity in a mad, mad world.

4. In the midst of a lot of worries, these things happened. Children climbed trees, country walks were taken, friendships were worked on and people reached out to me even when I did not say things were wrong.

5. I am cheerful that I have my intelligence that will help me work out very soon what to do for the best.

I recognise this post does not reveal my current crisis but that I am sure will be blogged about with great truth and humour in due course. For now, I need to keep my own counsel a little. Hope regular readers know in their hearts that I would not do that unless I felt under threat and that it was very necessary.

Wishing everyone a very happy week ahead.

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