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Friday, 22 July 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful

A week ago, I got a telephone call telling me that my elderly father was very ill on his holidays in France. By Sunday, he was rushed home to us looking about 20 years older than when he had left. You know when you get that pain in the solar plexus when your emotions are too much? That is how I have felt for much of this week.

In the midst of all this, I did something so crass and stupid on Twitter offending someone I was at school with and her family and friends too. One of these friends is really important to me but it looks like that friendship is now blown and all through my own drunken tweet. This makes me very sad but I can't seem to put things right.

Then my brother who had come home to live here with us and my Dad had a go at me about my housekeeping standards. I won't lie. I struggle to keep on top of things with children and animals and a husband with a skin condition. I don't really need reminding of that or having it thrown at me as an insult.

I won't go on and on as this is supposed to be a reasons to be cheerful post. Those who want more can read my Dear So and So post below and then be very cheerful to leave this blog once and for all.

I am really struggling readers so bear with me.

1. I am cheerful that I have a husband who appears to manage to love me very much warts and all. We managed to laugh in the midst of such a stressful week. We have done so before when the shit hits the fan. Perhaps this proves we are a good match.
I take him for granted an awful lot and if anything good came out this week, it is a reminder of how he cares about me and backs me 100 per cent. He is still a bloke though and winds me up no end sometimes just in case regular readers think I am turning into a softy. Seriously though, we are a match and that makes me luckier than a lot of folks who have to face hard times alone.

2. When I kept bleating on about "What shall I do?" in my current situation, my son said "Do what you always do, Mum". When I asked him what that was, he said "Cope like you always do". I am still here after many challenges in life just like many others who read this. So I am cheerful I have a son who reminds me that I am stronger than I feel just now.

3. I am cheerful about having a step-daughter and friend. I always feel I can contact her and express my truest feelings. That is a great gift. In case you are wondering, I don't deserve this from her but I am mighty glad I have her in my life.

Next week will be better, right?

I am now going to go and indulge myself in some very cheerful posts.

Thanks goodness for Mummy from the Heart and all who sail in her marvellous #R2BC boat. I encourage everyone to take a look at this wonderful community of bloggers and perhaps to join in too.

Having problems with the badge for this blog hop but if you go to all will be revealed.

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