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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

School Holidays - Day 1

The first lovely thing about the first day of the school holidays was having a nice lie-in without all that frantic school uniform, book bag, games kit, who wants what for breakfast rush.

Having said that, my childless brother laughed that I sent him an email at 8.50am so I guess in non-parent terms, it was not a treat but it was for me.

The second brilliant thing about the day was my husband bringing me a coffee in bed and telling me not to rush to get up.

We then had the sort of day that my fellow Mummy blogger "YummyMummyNo1" blogs about so well where you are not tied by the usual non-negotiable timings of school runs. So we played, we cooked, we laughed, we talked, we too it easy.

Highly recommend musical bottles by the way and also a great excuse to have that wine habit, mummies. Fill bottles with different levels of water, hand children a spoon each and you have a band. It is great how when you actually make time to indulge in these things with your children, you often end up having as much if not more fun than they are.

The only downside to the day was having to wait quite a while to find the time and space to write a blog about Dads which I wanted to be getting on with. It got written in the end so no big deal.

The evening was good too with my employed husband returning from work and cooking me a steak dinner and then putting me to bed early as I was exhausted for some reason. Not sleeping too well in recent nights and hope that changes soon as suspect I will need all my energy to entertain my trio over the next 5 weeks.

Today is art day and my daughter has already told me that "As Monet is dead, I will just have to be as good". She is very talented, very keen and very aspiring. All good in my book.

Here's to the school holidays, their joys and their challenges!

Let's make the most of them this year.


  1. Sounds like a great start to the holidays to me! And thanks so much for the lovely mention x

  2. We are in our 8th day here! Surprising how quickly the time has gone. My biggest headache is organising the calendar and not double booking swimming or some other outing with a school friend coming over etc (all friends are at least three miles away - so unfortunately has to be a bit organised). Especially fun as we have a birthday party to organise and contend with in the break. I love the lie in though, makes it all seem worth while doesn't it?

  3. I love your daughter's comment. I'm following her lead and making today a writing day, telling myself: "As Jane Austen is dead, I will just have to be as good." Thanks! ;-) Amy

  4. sounds great, I love just having spontaneous fun with the kids.