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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Thoughts on Grand Prix

This post is inspired by watching today's Grand Prix. Apparently "team orders" are not allowed these days but today one was given in a roundabout way. Basically, from what I can tell, it meant one driver was told to let his team-mate past him.

Now from the team point of view, they got first and second place so were successful. Does that work from the individual's point of view though?

I would like to declare now that I have always remained unconvinced of the benefits of team work. Too often, it means being dragged back by people with less enthusiasm or skills. I like to be defined by my individual things and not by those of others. Does this make me a nice person? Probably not but one of the lovely things about blogging, is that you can be honest.

Who would want me in their team on the sports front for example? I was always picked last and the reasons were obvious. I was rubbish at sport. That's OK and should apply more in the workplace.

Everytime I have done well at work, someone like a boss has parachuted in and claimed the credit either for themselves or the organisation. Interestingly, when I am perceived as not performing well, I am fired. Apparently, when things go awry, it is all the individual's fault and nothing to do with other team members including bosses or the organisation itself.

I do like to learn with and from others. I think I have worked as a team well once and it is where I had the definite role of leader and my colleague accepted that. Also, I worked with a real team-player who brought lessons from the sports field into the mix. A very special individual to interest me not only in team-playing but in sport too.

I know I am supposed to think team-work is great but I just don't buy into it. If I was second when I should be first, I would be throwing a strop. I couldn't do anything else.


  1. I agree. I dislike team work & like to be the leader!

  2. I like to manage people so they can acheive their best. Often not as well as I might have done myself, but I love seeing them do it for themselves and improve. I guess that's why I went into teaching and run Brownies and stuff.