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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Several amazing or good things about little old me

1. I gave Mum and Dad their much longed for daughter when they had just about given up hope
2. I got a Highly Commended for my cooking in a competition
3. I started a novel as a child
4. I got a fair few O and A-Levels and got into Cambridge University.
5. A photograph of me at Glyndebourne once won a prize
6. I once nearly choked at Edinburgh Castle
7. I once nearly fell over the walls at Edinburgh Castle.
8. I gave birth 3 times including to a whopper at nearly 12 pounds
9. I walked on fire and absolutely loved it
10. I had my heart shattered and dared to love again
11. I became a step-parent
12. I have volunteered for good causes for many years in total and worked for charities
13. I got a Cosmpolitan Magazine Woman of Achievement certificate
14. I have struggled with depression but always tried to live and aspire throughout
15. I am a loyal friend and really do care about others, whether close or not
16. I have a good sense of humour - quirky and sometimes quite black but funny
17. I talk at tangents but I think that makes me interesting
18. I blog in an open and therefore potentially embarrassing manner but it's honest
19. I took my clothes off and had a good time despite being overweight
20. I have the ability to surprise myself and others

This was written because recently I have had a tendency to beat myself up, see myself as lesser and so on. It's not healthy or good so here is my spin on me but all true too


  1. I think that is great. Why is it so difficult, and actually very brave, to face up to the things which are good about ourselves? I am not as brave as you, but you have inspired me to go off on my own, before the time for collecting the children from school, and write a few positive things myself. So thanks for being brave, with special reference to point 18.

    love from Anne Booth

  2. Can you remember what you cooked that got you high commended though!?

  3. I was highly commended for some special biscuits I made using a recipe donated by my Dad's colleague Pat.

  4. That novel you started, was it in Mr Coopers class? I remember starting one but never finished it! x

  5. I love this post! I'd like to see the prize winning photo. I especially like 10. Never knew 13, always knew 15 and totally agree with 17. I love your writing.

  6. I love all these answers and was just thinking how Edinburgh Castle is a dangerous place for you, when I read about you having a (nearly) 12lb baby. I think you can cope with almost anything after that.

  7. I love this post!
    Your baby weighed almost 12lbs?! Ouch! Whopper indeedy! ; )

  8. What was more painful, walking on fire or having a 12lb baby? Great post

  9. Walking on fire was easy. 121b baby was not!
    Edinburgh Castle incidents happened on same family trip and I was rescued by a stranger and my knickers!
    The photo is miraculous as I look good
    Yes, Mr Cooper unleashed all these writers on the world
    Loved having all your comments - thanks so very much

  10. Just discovered your blog - great list and yes, we should all pat ourselves on the back more often, we are amazing aren't we? But it's not always easy...keep up the good work, I'll be back for a visit!

  11. No. 19 intrigues me......I have a fancy to do something similar! :)
    You have a great list of amazing things about you.