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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Dedicated to my followers and supporters

Thank you to all my followers and it is great to see the number growing weekly. This helps me to believe that I have something to offer people on the writing front after all.
I am always very keen to have comments both positive and negative as these help me to learn so if you read what I write, please have your say. You have the power to see more of what you like on here and less of what you don't.
I have every intention of pursuing my writing professionally but having taken advice from a published author,I am enjoying this pretend time before I make it all happen. Will commence that journey once my 4 year old goes to school in September.
Writing around children is not an easy task as they like the laptop too and Club Penguin is apparently far more essential to society than my little blog.
If I make you laugh, cry, aspire and learn, this is fantastic. If I make you feel less isolated in your thinking and feeling, that is even better. We live in a mad world where via Facebook and so on, we appear to be so connected but are often not sharing fully at all.
What I write on here (apart from the short stories) comes direct from the heart. I don't censor myself. That is my way so sometimes what I write may prove difficult to read. And I don't write in a convoluted or impressive way. I just say what I think and feel in simple language. This sometimes makes me feel very intimidated by the quality of other writers' work and is another reason why followers and their comments keep me going.
If you are a new visitor, please have a look at my older blogs from April onwards last year. This blog was inspired by my mum who was convinced I would not be fully happy until I started to take my writing seriously. So here's to her and you can find out about her many qualities and flaws in my earlier postings.
Finally, if you would like me to comment on your blog or to follow it, please let me know. If you have not tried blogging, I highly recommend it.

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