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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Waiting for the flags to go out

He waits.

He is dressed casually after a night with friends at his local. The talk largely focussed on the forthcoming World Cup and the chances of the England Team. The group planned to meet for all the England games whatever girlfriends thought. After all, it only happened once every 4 years.
They had raised a glass or two to England chances. He complained that his mum wouldn't let him put the huge England flag he'd bought out on the house and those who had their own flats had ribbed him about still living at home. Laughing back and telling them to "Piss off!" he makes his way home over the bridge across the bypass.

He is not cold. It's June after all. Even in the early hours and it must be around 1 o'clock now, the air feels balmy. It won't hurt for him to sit here a bit longer leaning against the bars on the bridge.

He thinks how much he is looking forward to seeing his 3 year old little girl, Louise, tomorrow. She is the apple of his eye, the best woman he has ever known. Pretty, funny and clever too. He had once thought he loved Louise's Mummy but they were too young when they got together he reflects. Mind you, he can't complain. Sarah lets him have contact just about whenever he wants it and they get on OK, probably better than when they were a couple. He plans to take Louise strawberry picking tomorrow. He expects he will do most of the back-breaking work but they can take the strawberries back for grandma to work wonders with and Louise can have an ice-cream too.

He should be getting home really. He can't work out why really but he can't be bothered moving. His Mum will be in bed by now anyway. No rush.

So he sits on and thinks about when he wanted to be a footballer when he was little. It must be great to see all those England flags out at a match and know they are for you. It would be great if England did it this time. He gets bored still of hearing his grandad go on about 1966. It would be good to see England win in his own lifetime.

How long has he stayed here? He hears police car sirens. He does not need to worry. He has done nowt wrong. Sounds like somebody's in for it though.

The body of a young man aged 20 was discovered at 4.30am. He had multiple stab wounds. It is thought the time of death was around 12.30am.

It's the strangest thing. He can see forensic officers like you see on the telly on the bridge. They come and go. He sees his Mum come with the England flag and with Sarah helping, attach it to the bridge. They are putting the flags out after all!


  1. Bittersweet, I like it. x

  2. What a twist! Didn't see that coming.

  3. Good twist. Like it. Be careful with exclamation marks though.
    To paraphrase 'How not to write a novel'(best and funniest book about writing ever) 'Ever time you use an exclamation mark in your writing, sleep on it and go back. If you still think it is needed sleep on it again. Then go back and cross it out anyway.' (!)

  4. Wow, that is a great twist. I like it a lot.