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Monday, 19 July 2010

Who is following me?

Blogging is quite an interesting journey in itself.

When I started, it was so I could please my Mum who had gone on about how I had always intended to write and if I only kept a diary, it would be a start. Her terminal cancer diagnosis not long after sort of hijacked the blog for a while. I note a long silence from around April last year until her death in September really. What was going on for me then? Not even sure. Lots of wailing, lots of keeping up appearances, lots of throwing myself into work and the wrong work at that.

In recent months, I have enjoyed returning to blogging either on here or in the micro form on Twitter. Both allow some elements of creativity - playing with different ways of writing and seeing what happens.

I note I have 75 followers and, being me, think I can't really be taken seriously at all until it is 100 followers. Of course, if I get 100, the next target will be 1000 and so on. Always aspiring, never satisfied.

Most followers do not comment on the blog which is a shame as it really helps to know what people think and when they say nice things, it is a lovely stroke to the ego. Official followers include friends, acquaintances, strangers and one wicked step-daughter.

Recently, a Facebook friend told me his mother-in-law wanted to be my Facebook friend just so she could access my blogs. How lovely is that?! So here's to Beryl, my first full on fan.

In the last few weeks, I have become aware of secret followers. In other words, people who read the blog but don't necessarily let me know they are doing so. Then it is revealed and I can feel quite exposed and vulnerable but also grateful for their comments and interest.

So if you blog, you never know who might be following you, when, where or with what intentions.

So who are you? Manic Mum, Wicked Step-daughter, Secret Sibling, Curious College Contact, Academic, Business-person, Stranger or Spirit?

When do you read blogs? Get a sense most read late at night but may be wrong

Where do you read blogs? Too many do it at work - naughty!

Why do you read blogs? I tend to read blogs to feel less isolated and to have a sense of empathy with people. I write them because it cheers me up, it turns me into a "real" writer and because I learn so much from comments left both about myself and others.

And what would you like to appear on here next? I aim to please as you know


  1. I tend to read blogs during the day when my son is at school. Hands up I don't read every post from every blogger in my reader, there simply aren't enough hours in the day.

    I tend to read the first few lines in the reader and if they appeal then I click onto the blog. If not then I just skip to the next blog down.

    I won't say what does & doesn't attract me to someone's post, as something that might not be of interest to me could be highly interesting to someone else. I am more likely to click onto a post if someone I know & like has recommended it on twitter by retweeting.

    As for the vulnerability and feeling exposed, I guess we all feel like that to an extent, but that's what blogging is about. Exposing yourself (with clothes on preferably.

  2. OK. Time to 'fess up. I have been following on Twitter and once or three times on the blog. But your post on benches - memorials - struck a nerve, but not in a bad way. I went through the same a while back and, sadly, will have the same issues with a close relative sometime soon. It tries the patience; what seems a massive issue to the person whom you have loved and respected for years seems of minor import to you. My view? Smile, try hard to make no comment that will be remembered, try hard to be 'understanding'. In other words, simulate a monastic order for as long as it takes.

    Anyway, there you have it. A follower, and empathiser, a part-time writer too. And I am really (no - really) going to take my blog forward from now on. So, if nothing else has happened, you have been an inspiration today to a fellow scribe.

  3. Friend. Whenever I have time, usually in bed, because I enjoy reading them and learn something from them. Next, I don't know and I don't think you should try to write to please because although that's a good quality when you're trying to get published, the fact that you have 76 followers and people are wanting to be your fb friend just to follow your blog shows that you are doing something write (pun intended). Ask for ideas, yes, is there any topic or item you'd like me to write about, but then do your own take on it. I like your style.

  4. caroline, aka wicked step daughter20 July 2010 at 05:57

    Hmmm i read/check daily. Its that little time away before the madness starts. Keeps us close an in the knowing. Although my dear wicked step mother lol, you should reply to your emails!


  5. getting lurkers to comment is a whole new challenge in itself! There are anywhere between 100 - 200 ppl who read my blog reasonably regularly I think, and probably rather fewer than 20 who ever comment.

    (This is my first time here (I think!) following you following me on twitter :) )

  6. Thanks for the follow on Twitter :)

    Just having a peek through your blog and I like what I read so I will be back.

    My blog reading is quite erratic as I am often too tired or just not in the mood, I guess the same could be said for my own blogging!

    But all we can do is what we can do..

  7. I read your blogs early in a morning. I just like the way you write! So thank you!

  8. OK it's nearly 4.30 am so that answers that. I started blogging to make up for being a failed diarist. My teenage years found me filling "page to view diaries and stuffing them with extra sheets/photographs/cuttings. But what do I do with them now? They sit in a box in the loft and I live in dread that they will be found and read...... A blog can be locked down reasonable well and left should the need arise....perhaps!
    Yours I enjoy because I relate to so much that you say and you make me smile.