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Monday, 12 July 2010

More questions than answers

What damage does it do when a parent rejects a child whether as a baby or later in life?

Why do women choose keeping men happy over their own children on occasion?

Why does society stand by and not tackle domestic violence?

Why would any parent parade their underage child to older men in inappropriate settings?

Male depression - is it the same or different from women's experience of it?

I have reflected on these questions many times and just thought I would post them and see what readers think. Over to you!


  1. AH! Easy ones first huh?!
    1. Leads to innate insecurity though sometimes well masked.
    2. They don't think about / realise what effect their actions will have. On a deeper level they side with the hunter as a child is replaceable.
    4. The space between their ears is woefully empty ( I do not mean that to sound in any way flippant)
    5. Basically the same - try swapping notes!

    I have gone for brevity though the questions raised all beg for much deeper discussion. Perhaps in another time, another place?? :)

  2. My lovely goddaughter, now aged 22, was adopted at the age of 2 by good friends of mine. She had been neglected, malnourished and living in an unstable home when she was given up although her birth mother was allowed to keep her half-brother who was treated very differently. With love and care she has grown into a beautiful youg lady but when she stayed with me recently I discovered she was in an abusive relationship herself. This young lady feels she is not worthy of love and respect in a relationship because she was rejected at so young an age by a mother who favoured one child over another. I hope that those of us who love her and care for her will be able to show her just how much she has to offer and how much she deserves from the people in her life.