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Friday, 6 May 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - last week's with more to follow!

I missed last week's Reasons to be Cheerful because I was too busy enjoying them!

So I am going to do two posts today, one for last week and one for this. Why? Well, because I am worth it lol and also because I think it is good to have a record of all the positive stuff going on in our lives to help us on those darker days.

1. Our first five puppies went off to their forever homes and the feedback is that they are all settling in well. We miss them but have so many memories to treasure. It is lovely to think what joy those little bundles will bring to their new families for years to come.

2. We had a lovely Easter weekend with all the usual chocolate eggs, egg cups and mugs plus extra treats of the toy variety.

3.. We celebrated the Bank Holiday Monday by taking my Dad out with us for lunch at a lovely country pub. Three generations with ages ranging from 5 years to 83 years building special memories. Thought of my late Mum but also thought she would appreciate that we were having a happy day. We ate loads and I had a lovely liqueur coffee rather than a pudding. We went out to the play area after lunch where my children delighted in the equipment.

4. My little boy finally got his pre-school injections done plus an eye test in the same day. His vision is perfect which is a huge relief as he is very boisterous so could not cope with glasses I am sure. He thought he was very special being the only child to go to the nurse and to get badges and jelly babies for being so brave.

5. My step-daughter announced her much longed for pregnancy.

6. My husband had lots of extra family time and we really relished that time together going out and about, having meals and taking country walks.

7. My step-daughter's son came to stay for a few days. This is good as it helps us to form a stronger bond with him and it is great to see the my children and hers playing so happily together.

8. The Royal Wedding was good to watch and to see what looks like very genuine affection and friendship between William and Kate. Brought back memories of my own wedding and I wish them well. It felt like a sense of healing and closure on the whole Diana and Charles debacle. The marriage may have had very many flaws but it does seem to have resulted in two special young men moving the Royals onto a better plane. Nice to see even for a Republican like me! I watched the event with Him Indoors and my Dad and we laughed and commented all the way through it.

9. In the afternoon, we went to a nearby village hall for a street party type event where everything was free and they just asked for donations which we were more than happy to make. There were nice tablecloths and decorations and bunting and, oh, it made you proud to be British which is most unusual for me (especially as I am 100 per cent Irish). There was a raffle, a tombola, a name the princess competition, jelly, trifle, the works. The children particularly enjoyed the bouncy castle and yet another play park.

10. In the evening, the adults had a very special meal in Dad's annexe with good meat and vegetables and the best of wines too.

This week was all about family fun, sunshine and positive vibes. A week to remember for a long time.

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  1. What a lot of lovely reasons x
    PS You have been tagged

  2. lovely news about your step daughter and I'm not surprised you didn't post last week; you've been having such a good time - thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds like you have had a fantastic few weeks and i think its great people got into the spirit of things with the Royal wedding, I think we need more reasons to be do things like that! I hope you step daughters pregnancy goes well, fingers crossed for her x

  4. Wow, someone's had a busy old time! And a lovely one at that. Great news about your stepdaughter, and it's so lovely when potentially difficult bonds are forged and cemented. It's also really important for Daddies to get some family time too. :) xX

  5. Wow sounds like you have had an amazing couple of weeks xx

  6. A super set of reaons. Sounds like the pub lunch and street party were lovely and big congratulations to your step-daughter.

    Mich x

  7. such great reasons, especially the baby news!

  8. haha, loved that it made you proud to be british, even thought you are irish. Made me smile.
    What a lovely set of reasons to be cheerful.
    I must remember to join in on this blog hop.

  9. You have been a busy woman, what a lovely list!