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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Gallery - Green

As usual I have reflected quite a bit before posting my contribution to the Gallery this week.

The theme set was green.

A wicked part of me thought about posting a picture of Kate Middleton who might be seen to be green entering such a powerful institution as the Royal Family with all that entails. Not nice to be honest and there was such obvious affection at the Royal Wedding that even I could not bring myself to be cynical.

Then, I thought about my emerald necklace and how, though lovely, it is so loaded with a lot of emotions and not all of them good.

But finally, I settled on this idea.

My little girl had her birthday party and received a notebook as part of one of her presents from her schoolfriend.

She wrote this poem or prayer which I came across when tidying up. So whilst green originally brought forth cynicism and negativity, now I can see the positive via my lovely little girl. What lovely words, what a wonderful sentiment and how great that we live in the country where she sees plants growing in abundance.

She thanks God for the sun and rain that helps plants to grow. She asks God to protect them and her Mummy and Daddy.

I love how she writes such things without fuss, without showing off or even showing half the time and how she is all mine (and her Daddy's!)


  1. how absolutely beautiful...
    i don't know what else to say! i bet it brought a tear to your eyes...
    give that little girl a cuddle...

  2. How beautiful :) You have obviously done a grand job with that little girl! x

  3. That is so lovely. What a gorgeous, clever and thoughtful little girl you have. x

  4. Bless her! What a lovely daughter you have!

  5. What a lovely post. She sounds wonderful your daughter and I love the last sentence. I feel the same when I look at my girl, sometimes it is hard to grasp the enormity of what a special thing it is to have a child.