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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Magpie Monday bargains on a Tuesday

Here are some bargains I would like to share with you and I am linking up to Magpie Monday as usual but this time a little bit late.

Here is the Union Jack bag that Him Indoors collected for me this week. I arranged to buy it while hyped up by the Royal Wedding feel-good factor. I still quite like it to be honest for its bright colours, statement and even its slight tackiness. I thought it was £3 and after Him Indoors collected it, the seller contacted me to say it was £4.50. We have agreed that as I am likely to buy more from her in due course as she is downsizing, I can drop off the extra money when I do. I am still convinced it was advertised for £3 but am not going to argue anyway.

I rarely but dvds but have decided to buy ones of my fave comedians when I see them to brighten the dark days. I think Peter Kay is just about the funniest man on the planet so here is a purchase from the charity shop this week. £2 for a good laugh is a bargain for sure.

Here are two items that cheer me considerably every time they catch my eye. I got both for £3.50.

Here is a little something that I like for its cleverness.

As you can see, it opens out and there are various wine-related tools inside including a corkscrew (missing somewhere which tells you a lot about this house!, a wine stopper (unused which also tells you heaps about me and mine!)and so on.

Here is a dramatic print that I picked up last week for just £2. My boys and my husband like to focus on interesting weather and this is just great methinks.

Here is an interesting little fella picked up for just a pound.

Here are some of the cuddly dog toys I picked up, one for each child and different breeds too.


  1. Wow some AWESOME bargains! Love that chalk board!

  2. Wow- one of those "cuddly dog toys" looks very authentic! I would have grabbed that one too.
    I don't usually carry a normal bag, but your Union Jack is so bright and cheerful, it takes me back to younger years (and mini skirts.)
    Love that your G&T time items make you smile. Those are the best treasures.

  3. Hi, good to find another bargain hunter (through Magpie Monday). I love the G&T stuff. I had a mug with the same artwork. It was bought for me as part of a leaving present when I gave up f/t work to become a stay at home mum. It makes me chuckle, simply because it's so true now I am a desperate housewife haha!

  4. Also love the G & T themed things!

    I love the whale with the big choppers!! :)