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Monday, 2 May 2011

Magpie Monday - in celebration of bargain-hunting

I think this week's celebration of second-hand finds for Magpie Monday is more about quality than quantity.

Two Bank Holiday Mondays in a row is virtually torture for the avid bargain-hunter. There was a car boot sale but it clashed with my daughter's birthday party day. How unfair is that! They were offering free pitches too so I could have off-loaded some of my no longer wanted stuff too. I did send a bag of girl's clothing to the charity shop this week, gave a bag of boy's clothing to a friend and a brand new scooter to another friend.

Anyway, I did manage a quick visit to the charity shop in town during the week securing two vest tops, a lovely stylish skirt in a sort of blue geometric design and these sweet jam and marmalade pots.

I had noticed the marmalade one the week before and toyed with buying it but instinctively felt there was something missing so imagine my delight in picking up both for £2 this week. I don't think they are old or anything but I do think they are sweet. I imagine my lovely family sitting around having a lovely breakfast with pots of jam and marmalade rather than jars. All very civilized at last!

My son spied these Scooby Doo slippers for £1 and added them to my bundle of goodies. Here is a picture although bear in mind the hairs are from our puppies. This is not a smoke and pet-free home.

I also bought a very dramatic looking framed print for £2.50 and will post a picture of it when I find the right place for it to go. I have put it up but am not happy with where it is currently.

You will have to wait for the clothes pictures as we had a family visit or two in the last few days so the new clothes are somewhere in the chaos that is my bedroom - the only place that I did not blitz to within an inch of its life. Of course, there had to be a dumping ground for all the extraneous stuff in other rooms and my bedroom suffered as a result. I would tidy it but I am too busy doing Magpie Monday right now lol.

A bargain-hunting girl can always rise to a challenge when the charity shops are shut and Netmums is as good a place as any to go in search of other people's trash.

I bought this brand new with labels Antler overnight bag for £5. Him Indoors wanted to know why I wanted it and I said that if I had the bag, it would tempt me into adventures away from home overnight. I adore this bag, I love that it is Antler and I already have an invitation for a weekend away with my brother.

I have been looking for somewhere to store extra bedding for ages but wanted it to be stylish too. I saw this lovely pine monk's bench and negotiated the price down to £28 which I was more than happy with as this bench will seriously change my life for the better.

As I post, my husband is hurtling down the M62 to collect a used once 6 berth tent for £25 again via Netmums. We are hoping to pick up a second-hand computer too so that my children don't keep kicking off my laptop.

In Royal Wedding Week, I have also purchased but not yet collected a handbag with a union jack on it. Well, wny not? You have to get into the spirit of things especially if it gives an excuse for bargain-hunting.

Do check out other people's wonderful finds.

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  1. Netmums ! well never looked on there, oh dear another place to take up my valuable time : )
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE Monks bench ! xx

  2. Wow, that bench and overnight bag are amazing.

    I only heard recently you can get stuff via netmums. I really must check this out!

    Thanks for linking up x

  3. Quite envious of your new storage for bedding - and a tent for 6 for £25 sounds like an absolute steal!

  4. Love the Monk's bench, I like storage that looks serves a dual purpose and at such a great price too! :)

  5. I love the bag!!!!!!! Stunning colour! :) x