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Friday, 8 October 2010

Who would be a Mummy?

Today, apparently I am in a bad mood. This is what my family think. I know differently. I woke up in a brilliant mood but events sort of took control of pleasant emotions and soon my stress levels were sky high.

Number 1 son could only find one school shoe. Why? Because he did not put his shoes away in the plastic crate we use for storing shoes.

Number 2 son was not at all sure he wanted to get up never mind go to school. This was traumatic after yesterday's incident where he refused pointblank to get on the bus to school. I don't drive so was grateful we now live with Dad who does so he arrived on time but with a mad woman who appeared to be tearing her hair out to the sing-song voiced teacher.

Only daughter had also not put her shoes away properly resulting in our Labrador puppy walking round with them in his mouth. This does not do them the world of good really.

Him Indoors wanted to know where he had put the Sudafed cream. Why does everyone make use of my brain? Why can't they think for themselves? Is it any wonder I walk round in a permanent state of exhaustion.

I got angry and shouted. Him Indoors suggested I lower my voice - now there is red rag to a bull. We are now making up and he said he was trying to help as I often complain that any noise from our house reverberates into my Dad's annexe where he was sleeping this morning.

What is it? If I point out a plastic crate and say "This is where we are going to put our shoes" and I repeat this over and over, how come they can't take it in? It is such a little thing I know in the grand scheme of things but very frustrating especially when I am in PMT mode.

The good news is that these days with all the children in school I can tap into internet contact with friends and fellow sufferers, blog about my world and sneak off for a long bubble bath.

Aaaargh! Deep breath, nice bath and wait for the next crisis

And for those lovelies who do care about me and say such lovely things to my face or on here, I am fine and just sharing as if we share, we all end up less isolated when times are tough


  1. I agree sometimes, I feel like I am talking to myself. Boys and men seen to have selective hearing!

  2. This is lovely Kate, and something we can all relate too - my sanity is holding to the knowledge that soon I too will be sneaking off for a bubble bath! Enjoy and keep talking xx

  3. The missing shoe syndrome - our house is similarly afflicted.