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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

How dollies and children differ

1. You can make dollies hair go flat
2. Dollies never have bags under their eyes or sleep in the corners
3. Nobody seems to think it is a good idea for a dolly to have a snotty nose
4. You don't find much ear wax on Barbie or Ken
5. Sindy never minded having her hair washed
6. Once you have bought an outfit for your doll, it fits for ever
7. You don't have to cut finger and toe nails when dealing with a doll
8. Doll's shoes do get lost like childrens but don't get wrecked within a week of purchase
9. You can get a doll out of bed whenever the mood takes you and they don't need to go to school
10. Dolls don't answer back, resent you saying no or always insist on the latest or most expensive toy
11. You get to have as many days off as you want with your dolls
12. Dolls don't look sweet when are asleep, don't give you the world's best cuddles, don't tell you they love you every day, don't surprise you with their wit and wisdom. don't carry on your legacy, don't pick up on when you are happy or sad. don't make you laugh out loud.

Here's my Sindy. I will keep my snotty-nosed, waxy-lugged, rebellious, chaotic children thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Love this post. Just awaiting my own (not yet walking, not yet talking) living doll. Due in two days. Would definitely trade in my Sindy immediately, but I'm not sure the baby's quite so ready for the exchange! :-)