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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Things my mother told me

1. Frame yourself
2. There's no such word as can't
3. You're no singer
4. You're no dancer
5. Your bum does look big in that
6. What you want to do is ....
7. Just have sex with him - you'll probably be disappointed anyway
8. For goodness sake, you can give yourself a climax
9. She's no friend of yours
10. He's a loser

11. I wish I could organise things like you do
12. I would have been a skivvy to experience life in Cambridge
13. Like steel, you will either bend or break in a crisis. I suggest you bend.
14. You'll always be the first
15. You should love your curls and nice skin
16. You should write even if it is just a diary (hence, this blog)
17. Can I come for Christmas but only if you want me to?
18. You look beautiful (on my wedding day)
19. It's hard to know what to say when people tell me how talented you are
20. I will be with you always

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