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Monday, 2 March 2009

Angels masquerading as human beings

Support in difficult times comes from unexpected sources. With my mother's illness, I feel like my whole world is caving in. It is a physical and emotional pain that hovers waiting to catch me unawares.
Total strangers via Twitter and my blog are offering help and sharing their own stories of loss. Having felt very alone, I now realise that I have entered a huge community of people who are affected by cancer. People are willing to talk and to listen, to question and to challenge. In this apparently hard and money focused world, human beings still have an instinct to reach out to others in need.
As I have explained, mum is a strong and amazing woman. Today, I want to play tribute to my three adult step-daughters. Even giving them that label is strange as relationships have not always being good. I emailed them with the news of mum and they pitched in with compliments about her, sorrow for us and offers of practical help. All three have different life issues to deal with from parenting, step-parenting, mental health battles and a whole lot more that they probably would never share with their wicked stepmother. Over the years I have expected little of them. That is to my shame and how they prove me wrong! They are strong women too - the legacy continues

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  1. It's always in times of need that we really see the strength in a person. And the good, too. I know this was written a while ago - I'm hoping your relationship with your step daughters has remained on a better footing?