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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Hard to be serious all the time

An email from my brother tells me Mum sees a breast cancer expert today and an oncologist later in the week. More prodding and poking and for what? She is dying - we know that, she knows it. Why should her final journey be one of invasions on her dignity and a taking away of her control?
All this hassle for her and they still have no clear information on where the cancer started. So what is really being achieved?
As for me, I find it hard to be appropriate all the time. Sometimes I am drinking too much, getting silly, taking risks just to change the focus of my thoughts. I want to blog about things that make me laugh or make me passionate. Our lives, not just Mum's, are being taken over by the curse of cancer. This is not what she wants.
My birth half-sister sends a sympathetic email
Comfort is taken in little things like my daughter getting her words ever so slightly wrong so "mayonnaise" becomes "maynonnaise". She also has an imaginary horse called Beauty who apparently has wonderful keyboarding skills. The stableyard has grown with the addition of Thunder and Lightning. I used to have imaginary sisters, about 7 of them as I recall.
Parenting is required so blogging must wait

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