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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Parents' Evening

Last night was all a bit of a rush. Had to survive the teeny weeny chairs in two parent evening sessions. One cheek on either side of chair lol. Most undignified. I think they do it to make you feel suitably inferior in comparison with the teaching community. Laughed to myself at the parents who were hanging around reading "little Freddie's" work after their appointments and glancing at each other to see when they could morally make an exit.
Good results for both my children. Particularly thrilled that my eldest son has finally managed to reach the target for handwriting. He has a statement of special needs as although very bright, he has always struggled with writing. Various tests have suggested mild dyslexia possibilities but no clear diagnosis months later. Daughter's only weakness is not liking role play which is not a major worry to me. Her particular strength is handwriting which shows how individual children are in their skills.
Phoned my parents to share the news. My dad was quite distracted as mum's needs are obviously pressing and he is her main carer. Mum not well enough to come to the phone. Despite understanding, felt a bit let down that they did not appear as over the moon as I am.
In the last week or so, I have realised that mum's diagnosis transforms her into neither a sinner nor a saint. I have found myself irritated and annoyed at her. Perfectly normal I suppose but in the first days after the news, I was so focussed on her best points.
Leapt back into the Landrover and off to the shops under pressure to find costumes to celebrate World Book Day. More on today's events later.
How are your parents' evenings going?

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